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Interviews with Pakistan Drone Survivors

(In Chronological Order by Strike Date)

Muhammed Yousaf:

Date of Strike: October 9th, 2008

Location: NW- Strike in Tappir/Ghundi Kala

Yousaf’s family members, cousins and friends, killed in drone attacks, including his two Uncles who were killed in his guest house. One of his Uncles was a tribal elder. He talks about the psychological effects on the people of NW from drone attacks, and the financial problems and the fear. He talks about taking revenge on Americans. He is unemployed and having difficulty finding work.

Fahim Qureshi:

Date of Strike: January 23, 2009

Location: NW Strike, Mirali, Zeraki Village

Fahim Qureshi is Obama’s first drone victim. Fahim was 16 years-old when the drone attack occurred. He details the strike that took place at around 5:15 PM. He was sitting in the hujra next to his house when the drone hit and three of his family members were killed. Fahim sustained injuries to his left side and lost his left eye.


Saddam Hussein:

Date of Strike: March 26, 2009

Location: Sokhel, Mir Ali, North Waziristan.

Saddam Hussein describes the amounts of drone activity in his area as well as the psychological suffering of the people in his area. His house was destroyed and two of his relatives were killed. He suffers depression from the loss of his wife and daughter.    


Sadaullah Wazir:

Date of Strike: September 7, 2009

Location: Machi khel/  Mirali tehsil  village in North Waziristan

Sadaullah Wazir lost both of his legs, one eye and suffered other physical injuries in a drone attack on his uncle’s hujra. He was knocked unconscious in the strike that killed three people and injured another. Sadaullah has since died from his drone strike injuries.


Sabir Ramazan:

Date of Strike: September 7, 2009

Location: NW


Ramazan describes a strike in the month of Ramadan that killed three people including the father of Sabir.  Two others lost their eyesight.  His family had congregated to eat, knowing that drones had been present all day. Ramazan has paid for the treatment of all his family members.  He was the one to rush everyone to a hospital in Peshawar.  He details the difficulty he found passing through checkpoints to get to the hospital. Only one of the three members was identifiable. The others were too damaged. He details the funeral as well as the impact of drones on the community.


Sami Ullah:

Date of Strike: November 20, 2009

Location: NW- Strike in Machhikhel region of North Waziristan Agency

Close friends with Tariq Aziz

Sami Ullah’s cousin was killed in a drone attack and he witnessed the attack. He was supposed to be with his cousin on the night he was killed. He suffers memory loss, talks about his psychological problems that he used to be keen at school and study, but after the drone attack he had a difficult time focusing. His close friend, Tariq Aziz was killed in a drone strike, and he’s suffered immense loss of his Tariq’s death.


Kareem Khan:

Date of Strike: Dec 31, 2009

Location: NW

Kareem Khan is a teacher and journalist. Khan’s house in Machikhel, North Waziristan was flattened by a US drone attack and killed his 18 year-old son who was a student in Islamabad, and killed his brother, a teacher and government servant. Noor Khan filed a case with Reprieve and his attorney, Shahzad Akbar, against the US government.


Khair Ullah Jan:

Date of Strike: November 26, 2012

Location: NW

Khair Ullah Jan was victim of a drone strike on November 26, 2012.





Noor Khan:

Date of Strike: March 17, 2011

Location: Datta Khel

Noor Khan’s father was a well-known elder in Datta Khel, who was killed in the Datta Khel, March 17, 2011 Jirga drone strike. Khan’s father was a very respected leader in the community who solved local issues for the area.  


Khalil Khan

Date of Strike: March 17, 2011

Location: Datta Khel

Khalil Khan’s father was killed in Datta Khel Jirga strike. His father was very well-known elder in the area who solved issues of the tribe.




Ahmed Jan

Date of Strike: March 17, 2011

Location: Datta Khel

Ahmed Jan can’t hear well after the drone attack and his leg was badly injured. Jan asks Obama to stop drones.






Jalal Manzarkhail, Tribal Elder

Date of Strike: March 17, 2011

Location: Datta Khel

Jalal Manzarkhail was the first to go to Datta Khel after the drone strike and collect the bodies. He speaks about the difficulty recognizing bodies/body parts. He asks Obama to leave Afghanistan, and to stop drones. He says the solution would be for Obama/Americans to leave Afghanistan.                                                                              



Rafiq Ur Rehman  

Date of Strike: October 24, 2012

Location: Miranshah

Rafiq ur Rehman’s mother was killed by a drone while working in the field. At the time of the drone attack on October 24, 2012 he was shopping for EID when the drone hit his mother and injured his children. It was extremely painful for him that his mother was killed. His children talk about their fear of drones.



Zubair Ur Rehman (Rafiq’s Son)  


Location: Miranshah

Date of Strike: October 24, 2012

Zubair ur Rehman was injured while working in the field with his grandmother in the October 24th 2012 drone attack.

Kalim Ur Rehman (Rafiq’s nephew)

Date of Strike: October 24, 2012

Location: N. Waziristan / Miranshah



Kalim ur Rehman is Rafiq’s nephew. He was at home when the drone hit the field, and was injured in the second drone attack—his leg is broken and he had two surgeries. He is a student in the 12th grade.


Nazir Ullah:

Date of Strike: July 5, 2011

Location: North Warizistan




Nazir Ullah friends and cousins were killed in a drone strike. He was injured and was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained. The attacks have left him psychologically distraught.

Nasr Ullah:

Date of Strike: July 5, 2011    

Location: NW

Nasr Ullah was hit in the chest, stomach, and leg by a drone attack. Eleven people were killed, including his cousins and friends. After the first drone attack he rushed to the location where his friends were and then he was hit by the second drone strike.

Noor Behram

Journalist and Photographer

North Waziristan

Noor Behram is a journalist and photographer based in Datta Khel North Waziristan, and works for Al Jazeera. He is currently President of Tribal Area Union of Journalists.

Faisal Wali, Tariq’s Teacher


Imdad Ullah, Tariq’s Cousin


Badshah Wali, Tariq’s friend


Abdul Aziz, Tariq’s Brother


Muhib Ullah, Tariq’s Cousin


Kamraan Ismaeel, Son of Deceased Malik Ismaeel


Mir Daad Khan, Son of Deceased Khanay Khan


Dr. Muhammad Ismaiel, Child Psychology Specialist, North Waziristan

Fayaz Dawar, Pharmacist Miran Shah