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Overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon!

CONGRESS: PROTECT DEMOCRACY and pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

American democracy has been undermined by the recent rulings of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. Now corporations and individuals can give millions to parties and candidates of their choosing. This allows the wealthiest of citizens to have more power, more say in the success of candidates, and ultimately affect the policy agenda. Average Americans now have less influence than ever before- as their pocketbooks have no chance of competing with billionaires. 

How can America be a place where everyone can succeed if our children's futures are dictated by only the wealthiest?  The influence of the wealthy has already begun to damage policy that affects our middle class. What's next when candidates are bought and sold by billionaires with vested interest? Say goodbye to social security. Say goodbye to minimum wage. Say goodbye to equality. We need to take extreme monetary donations out of politics. Limitless donations undermine the fabric of the American dream.  

American values of equality, freedom and citizenship are at stake. Please sign the petition below for a constitutional amendment to overturn the rulings and reclaim democracy for all. 

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