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Pierre Sprey

Weapons Designer and Analyst

Sprey was a weapons designer and analyst for the Pentagon in the 1960’s and 70’s. He played a major role in the development of the F-16 fighter aircraft in and the A-10 ground attack jet in the 1970’s, which have become core machinery for the U.S. military. Sprey left the Pentagon in 1986, as he felt “it would be impossible to build another honest aircraft.” Since leaving the Pentagon, Sprey has focused on his interests in music. He founded the company MapleShed Records, producing mostly avant gard jazz music. In recent years he has publically revealed that he objects to the war in Iraq stating that it is “enormously unjust” and launched at the will of big oil companies. He has also recently spoke out against dangerous testing of the Air Force’s new F-22 Raptor aircrafts, exposing what he felt to be carbon monoxide poisoning of Air Force pilots.