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Make Ed Snowden Your Valentine!

Doesn’t everyone want a brave, bold, and honest Valentine? And who could be any more of those things than Ed?!

Nobody wants a valentine that lies to you, monitors your text when you’re not around, and shares your selfies with their coworkers.

Send Ed a Valentine's Day message, thanking him for his heroic actions.

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The NSA wants to continue to criminalize honest citizens like Ed Snowden -- forcing them in to exile --  when really we should celebrate their valiant efforts to expose wrongdoing by our own government.

Whistleblowers like Snowden are pioneers of change who risk everything -- their livelihood, homes, and freedom -- to tell the truth in hopes of making the world a better place.

Who better to be your valentine?


Sign and Share because maybe we can bring more attention to the injustice of an honest citizen living in exile because he told the truth -- that our government unlawfully spies on us.

P.S. to the NSA agents reading this: Who is your valentine?

Download the Valentine's Day cards below and send it to your favorite whistleblower!