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Facing huge potential cuts, defense industry goes on offense

by Stephanie Condon at | September 16, 2011

Some opposed to the United States’ ongoing military operations are concerned Congress is listening a little too closely. The liberal group Brave New Foundation, which earlier launched the initiative “Rethink Afghanistan,” launched a new campaign this week called War Costs to counter the AIA’s “Second to None” campaign.

The deficit discussion in Congress right now, the War Costs team argues, “is a zero sum game, pitting military spending against the exact kinds of spending that would create more jobs.” The group points to research suggesting government funds could more efficiently create jobs in sectors like health or education, as well as a study indicating the defense sector has inflated its significance in terms of jobs.

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Billboard continues to stir immigration debate

by Karla Ronquillo at CBS

PHOENIX, AZ (KOLD) – A hispanic rights group is reminding people in Arizona that the fight over the new immigration law is not over.

Brave New Foundation put up a billboard in central Phoenix that says, “Bring Your Papers… Racial Profiling Just Ahead”.

The group is based out of Culver City, California.

Organizers paid for the billboard through donations to the Facebook page called “Cuentame” with 40,000 members.

Cuentame is an online immigration forum that has focused on Arizona’s new law, known as SB1070.

Even though parts of the law were blocked by a federal judge before it took effect, the group calls it unfair and unacceptable.

The law would allow police, while enforcing other laws, to question the citizenship of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally.

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Officer’s Anti-SB 1070 Video Prompts Probe

by Peter Busch at CBS News

PHOENIX — CBS 5 News has learned that Phoenix police are investigating one of their own officers for criticizing Arizona’s controversial new immigration law in an Internet video.The video featuring Officer Paul Dobson appears on Facebook, and in it Dobson says: “This law will make me feel like a Nazi out there,” and, “This law is, pure and simple, a racist law.”Dobson states at the beginning of the video that he is expressing his own personal opinions and not speaking for the city of Phoenix or the police department.A Phoenix police spokesman confirmed that the department’s Professional Standards Bureau is investigating Dobson for reasons related to the video.That spokesman also said the bureau has not investigated Officer David Salgado or Police Chief Jack Harris for their public criticism of Senate Bill 1070, the immigration legislation.Dobson’s union representative said there appears to be a double standard.”There is some concern about the consistency and the fairness about how we’re treating this employee versus others that appear to be engaging in similar conduct,” said Joe Clure, of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.Sources also told CBS 5 News that the lieutenant who oversees Dobson is hesitant to discipline him because he believes it is a double standard if he is the only one punished.

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