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According to Campaign Manager, Jesse Lava, of’s campaign, ‘Who Are The One Percent?’ inequality in the US has ballooned over the last three decades as some of the wealthiest Americans have enriched themselves at the expense of everyone else. Here KGNU’s Claudia Cragg talks to Lava to learn more.

If you go to their website, you can answer give your answer to the question ‘Who are the worst offenders?’

All submissions will then be compiled and a vote will be held to decide which will be exposed on the Brave New Foundation site. The campaign revolves around just two criteria: one, nominees have to come from the wealthiest 1 percent, meaning they must have a net worth of over US$9 million, and they have to be seen to be using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%.

Who Are the One Percent: Greenwald and Schultz discuss the Koch Brothers and Romney Connection

Mitt Romney claims his economic plan is meant to aid the middle class, not those in the Koch brothers’ tax bracket. But how does eliminating an estate tax to do so? Ed Schultz and Robert Greenwald discuss, along with why Brave New Foundation launched

Robert Greenwald and Ed Schultz on “Who Are The One Percent”

Ed Schultz invites Robert Greenwald on his radio show to discuss our latest campaign: Who Are The One Percent?

“We Are the 99 Percent,” But Who Are The 1 Percent?

by Dylan Ratigan | November 4, 2011

We know who the 99 percent are, but what about the 1 percent?  How are they making their money, and which ones are using their power to extract wealth and game the system?

To answer that question, Brave New Foundation and award-winning filmmaker Robert Greenwald are crowdsourcing the web for answers, asking people to submit names for “the worst of these one percenters.”  Greenwald then plans to make short films “exposing the specific wealthy individuals who’ve done the most damage to our economy and democracy.”

We reached out to Brave New Foundation to see what kind of responses they’ve gotten on day one of the campaign.  Here are just a couple:



After taking suggestions on the web, they’ll narrow it down to the top 30, and then hold a vote to figure out which ones to profile.

Click here for the full story.

“Who Are The 1 Percent?”

by The Ed Show | November 3, 2011

One percent-ers beware– Brave New Foundation’s Robert Greenwald and 10 progressive media outlets have started a campaign to expose those “Americans [who] have enriched themselves at the expense of everyone else”.. and they’re calling on the public to name names. There are two criteria: “they have to be in the wealthiest 1%, meaning a net worth over $9 million, and they have to be using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%. The rest is up to you.”

They’ll compile the reader-sourced suggestions (coming in from all 11 sites) as nominees for the “worst of the 1 percent” and hold a vote– the winners(?) will be profiled in digital films (once again, with reader-sourced information) which will be released online through Brave New Foundation. “We want to support the Occupy movement in any way we can, and we’re hoping one way is to make these available to ground Occupy actions,” Greenwald told Huffington Post.

To check out who’s been nominated so far you can head here.

Who Are the 1%? You Tell Us.

The Occupy movement has done more than anything in decades to highlight the corrosive effects of concentrated wealth on our economy and democracy. Indeed, seeing the 99% rise up in such inspirational fashion raises a question: Who exactly are the 1%? Or more specifically, who among them are abusing their power and making life more difficult for everyone else?

That’s what Brave New Foundation will be exposing with our new campaign, Who Are the 1%? We will highlight the villains in America’s economic story, drawing a straight line between their actions and the broken economy we’re now stuck with.

And here’s the twist: We want you to tell us which people to profile.

Here’s how it works. We’ve launched a new website where you can add your suggestions on the worst of the 1%. Once we have pored through all of the names and arguments you’ve provided, we’ll narrow the field down and have you vote on the worst of the worst. Then we’ll make videos about those special one percenters that you’ve chosen to expose.

As Fox News might put it: We film. You decide.

Whom to choose? There is no shortage of villains. The deceptive, backhanded practices of the financial industry played a major part in the recent financial meltdown, and numerous defense contractors have made a killing (literally) by lobbying for more and more weapons spending. In all, the top 1% have seen their incomes rise 275% in the last three decades — a period in which the tax burden has shifted from wealth to work and financiers have exploited increasingly weak regulations and even weaker enforcement.

These problems are not natural disasters. They are man-made. And with your help, our new campaign will call out those responsible.

When you make your suggestions, our only rules are that the individuals profiled must be in the top 1%, which means a net worth of at least $9 million, and use their wealth to keep down the other 99%. We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill rich people here, and we’re not talking about those who spend their money promoting the common good. We’re talking about those who take advantage of their position to create more injustice, inequality, and corruption. The rest is up to you.

Will you participate in this effort to show Americans who’s destroying their economy and democracy? Join us and the organizations supporting this campaign: AlterNet, Care2, The Center for Media and Democracy, FreeSpeechTV, The Nation, PoliticusUSA, Thom Hartmann, Truthout, Campaign for America’s Future, and The Young Turks.

We are excited to hear your thoughts.

Robert Greenwald Partners With Progressive Media For ‘Who Are The One Percent?’ Series

by Zach Carter at Huffington Post | November 3, 2011

Inspired by the Occupy movement, 10 progressive media outlets are crowd-sourcing contributions for a film series dubbed “Who Are The One Percent?” focusing on economic inequality and political corruption.

The project, led by filmmaker Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Foundation, will seek input from progressive readers and viewers for in-depth profiles of about a dozen very wealthy individuals who use their financial power to extract wealth from others by exploiting the political process.

Greenwald specifically hopes the films will be shown at Occupy events.

“We want to support the Occupy movement in any way we can, and we’re hoping one way is to make these available to ground Occupy actions,” Greenwald told HuffPost.

Beginning Thursday, readers can go to Brave New Foundation’s website and suggest people who should be profiled. They’ll also be able to vote on others’ suggestions. Once the audience has settled on subjects for the films, they’ll be encouraged to send in information on the wealthy targets.

The films will all be released online digitally through Brave New Foundation. They will be supplemented by material from AlterNet, The Nation, The Center for Media and Democracy, Truthout, The Young Turks and other outlets, which will all be seeking input from their own readers and listeners.

“Who Are the 1%?” Project Launches to Expose the Greediest Americans

by AlterNet | November 3, 2011

The Brave New Foundation, in partnership with AlterNet and nine other partners, has launched the “Who Are the 1%?” project. As the project’s website explains:

Inequality has ballooned over the last three decades as some of the wealthiest Americans have enriched themselves at the expense of everyone else. Who are the worst offenders?

You tell us. We’ll compile your suggestions and hold a vote to decide which ones Brave New Foundation will expose. We have just two criteria: they have to be in the wealthiest 1%, meaning a net worth of over $9 million, and they have to be using their wealth and power to keep down the other 99%. The rest is up to you. Have at it.

Watch the following video for more information on the project, and nominate someone who you think is the worst of the 1% here.


Exposing the Worst of the 1 Percent

by Kasia Anderson at Truthdig | November 3, 2011

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films is preparing a multimedia onslaught to expose those 1 percenters who use their monetary and political powers to the disadvantage of others—sometimes millions of others, as in the case of Bank of America President Brian Moynihan.

Greenwald took to his favorite medium to issue a call for nominees in this video he unleashed Thursday, “Who Are the 1 Percent?” In other words, time to name names, people.

Expose the “Bad Guys” Among the One Percent

by Cynthia S at Care 2 | November 3, 2011

They’re not all villains, but do you have a favorite member of the “ONE percent” who’s using his/her money to harm or disempower the rest of us– the other 99 percent? Have you wondered just who the others are?

Name your favorite one-percenter and Robert Greenwald and Brave New Foundation will count the votes for each nominee and investigate the “winners.” Here’s how it will work:

The Foundation offers some interesting facts. We know most of them, but they are even more powerful when they are all in one place.

  1. In just the last generation, the richest 1% almost quadrupled their incomes.
  2. The average wealth of the 1% is 225 times bigger than the wealth of the typical household — the highest it’s ever been.
  3. Three decades ago, CEOs made about 40 times as much as an average worker — now CEOs make almost 200 times as much as regular employees.
  4. Last year, half of Americans earned less than $26,000 while CEOs at top 500 companies raked in an average of $11 million.
  5. Over the past decade, earnings for middle-class Americans actually fell. In fact, working Americans’ wages are now a lower percentage of our economy than they’ve ever been.
  6. The divide between the richest and the poorest is worse in America than it is in nearly all of Europe and Asia and much of Africa. It’s about as bad as in Rwanda and Serbia — and it’s bad for our economy.

The 1% is not an accident — it is the result of policies our government chose to pursue.

Oh — and before you go cast your vote — add your nominee to the comments so we all know who they are!

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