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Center for International Policy

The Center for International Policy is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. Through advocacy and policy research, CIP promotes transparency and accountability in U.S. foreign policy and global relations.  We advocate policies that advance international cooperation, demilitarization, respect for human rights and action to alleviate climate change and stop illicit financial flows. Our work provides policy recommendations and analysis to decision makers in government, international organizations, the private sector and civil society.

We are Washington insiders with an outsider’s agenda. CIP’s mix of former senior government officials, journalists, academics and activists brings insider’s access, scholarly rigor and media savvy as well as the passion and organizing skills of seasoned activists.  Our programs focus on long-term policy questions while quickly responding to breaking news. Our programs examine the policy implications of important issues, including the drug war, military budget, global financial integrity and climate change.

The Center for International Policy is effective because of:

    • Relevant research: We document foreign injustices and potential threats through first-hand, in-country research and develop policy recommendations.
    • Credibility with the media: We publicize our research and analysis through CIP publications and the mainstream and alternative media to reach policymakers and the public.
    • Expert staff: Our staff of former senior government officials, academics, journalists and activists can open doors to the most influential and powerful people in Washington.
    • Partnerships with grassroots organizations: We develop alternative foreign policy solutions and build alliances with activists and broad constituencies to pressure Congress and the executive branch to enact legislation.