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Distribution Advocates are passionate people who want to spread important social and economic messages to their friends and network of people. They do this through their Facebook page, MySpace page, blog, YouTube channel, and posting to other blogs. They are critical to advancing our hard-hitting campaigns.
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Social Network: I can post video on my Facebook, MySpace page, YouTube account, or other website.
Blog: I can post video, link to video, or write about video on my blog.
Web: I can write comments on blogs, monitor other people's comments about Brave New Films, and alert Brave New Films of notable comments.
Email: I have an email list that I can send Brave New films updates.
Print: I can write letters to the editor. Or I can call local journalists to cover stories about Brave New Videos.
TV: I can call my local television station to air clips. Or I volunteer for my local community television and I can get the clips broadcasted.
Hosting Events: I can coordinate screenings at my home, local bookstore, library, coffee shop, in my classroom, and other locations.
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Read the BNF Toolkit and learn how you can leverage powerful tools to help spread our videos far and wide.
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