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Alan Grayson was a hero for progressive politics in Congress.  On November 2nd he lost his seat in the House.  Join us in thanking Alan Grayson for his fearless work, and share your stories of how Grayson inspired and affected you.

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50 Most Recent Comments:


Charmaine Ashmore
Thank YOU for standing up for the people!!!

Caleb Jacobo
Thanks Alan!

Robert Kabchef
If ever there were an ideal example of a genuine "public servant", Alan, you're it. Please come back to show the world what real truth looks like. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marcelle Kube
I wish more politicians were like you.

Mark Shane
When you think Americans elect person such as Michelle Bachmann and reject Alan Grayson. I say THE USA HAS FAILED AND LOST ITS HUMANITY

David Wilder
Thank you for standing up for something as simple as the truth and proving that words matter -- that a willingness to laugh in the face of stupidity and bullying frightens these supposed "Patriots" almost as much as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or a three digit IQ. d.

Todd Downing
Dear Mr Grayson - I thank you for standing up and standing proud for the American people and American ideals. The fight is not over and should you decide to continue to fight, to stand even higher by running for higher office, I will be there for you.

Betty Coffman
You are a hero to me.

Clint Gadson
Thank you sooooooo much for speaking truth to power!

Dana Welch
Thank you Mr. Grayson. You are a voice of sanity and reason fighting for the American people. I am from Massachusetts and I donated $50 to your 2010 re-election campaign, though I have never donated to individual congressional candidates before. I look forward and hope you will serve the American people in public office in the future. Thank you again for being an honorable,courageous and honest servant for the American people. Dana Welch

Hosung Yi
You are right. Democrats lost the house because they were not "left" enough. Our political spectrum has moved so far to the right that there is no voice on the left. Democrats have moved right of the center and Republicans have moved right of the right. You were one of the few true democrats. I will support you next time you decide to run for office. Amd I hope you do.

Rita Wisser
Thanks to our Republican supreme court America has lost the 2 finest legislators that have ever governed, Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold. Please continue the fight. Your country needs you, and your message is too important to be silenced.

Michael Adkins
We shall overcome.

Lucy B. Martinez
Sir: I have admired you from my home in the OH-10. I'm grateful to have Dennis Kucinich as my Representative, as I am a Progressive Democrat. One of your finer moments came during the lame duck session on the Lawrence O'Donnell show when he was rudely badgering you about your unwillingness to compromise your principles and vote for the Income Tax Reform package (I believe that was the one). You remained so calm, yet resolute, and returned the next night after a truly gracious apology from him. Bravo!! A job very well done all around and I so hope to see you running for something again in 2012!

Lawrence Hess
Congressman Grayson, we loved your courageous attacks on greed, selfishness, and war. We were happy to be supporters. We look forward to your next battles in the life work of creating a government we can admire and support. Best Wishes, Suzanne and Lawrence Hess

Maxine DeSeta
I am not a follower, but I admire you. You are not only brave, but a generous man full of heart. Love you.

Patricia Najafabadi
Thank you Congressman Grayson for your service. I hope you will run for office again.

Linda Wiinikainen
only found alan on the web a few months before the election.. i was very impressed. he reinstilled my faith in my fellow earthlings...what a great man...and to know the truth that we are all one. i guess the ptb wanted his views snuffed. so bye, bye!!!!!how could the floridians vote allan out? he is one of the only ones telling the TRUTH...oh, woa is me...one more wise, honest

Parker Mathias
Thank you for all you've done and attempted to do for the American people, Congressman Grayson.

Lisa Francia
Thank you so much Congressman Grayson. Please don't stop now. Keep speaking up for the voiceless or the one's who have been brainwashed into believing they're voicless. Show them they're not!!!

Jean Macheledt
Congressman Grayson's wit, intellect, commitment to investigate matters, and willingness to ask the difficult questions, will be missed in the U.S. House. Speaking up for the Voices of America that have been reduced to 'mere static' within the debates raging in Washington and across the country, takes authentic courage. As anyone with this kind of courage knows (borrowing the words of Mark Twain): "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear." Thank you, Congressman Grayson. "Never, never, never give up. [Winston Churchill]"

Michael Ryan
Thank you Mr. Grayson for consistently and bravely standing up to the bullies and cowards of the Republican party in Congress as they sought to obstruct and deny real progress for Americans over the last few years...your tireless efforts were an inspiration for me and millions of others whose views you represented while in Congress, if only President Obama had the same courage to stand up to these corporate whores we'd be MUCH further along in solving the very real problems this country faces...god bless you for your service sir, and I hope you continue to fight the good fight in any way that you can. If you were are President right now I have no doubt that you could beat these assholes as they try to harm our country! Very Sincerely Yours, Michael Ryan/ Indianapolis, Indiana

Arizona Mildman
The fact that most of these online petitions are a phishing scam, but if this is actually going to Alan Grayson, I want to say thank you

Barbara126 Lee Ave. Nelson
thank you alan...the biggest idiot of the yaer

Daniel Vandusen
Thank you so much for your service, Congressman.

Maxim Fetissenko
Thank you for your service, Congressman. Hope to see you back in Congress in 2013!

Thomas Phelps
Thank you for your service and I hope you run again! Take this bit of advice: Don't be what your enemies are. Don't spew vitriol and lies to accomplish your goals. History will reward truth-telling.

Shody Ryon
run for president! NOW! thanks for your service, you are more of a west coast person, what were you doing in FL? try california or oregon the supreme court ruled $= free speech, that means paying for laws, bribery, is now legal under the first amendment. the rich will soon rule the poor, absolutely, as in dictatorship. this ruling is diametrically opposed to the intent of the declaration of independence and U.S. Constitution: Article II, Section 4. Impeachment: The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Richard Schreck
Keep up the good fight!

David Blair
Thank you, Congressman Grayson. I am sorry that you lost your seat. It's a loss to the party and to the American people.

Patricia Wieneke
"they can't keep a good man down"....Please run for office again. You are one of the few, brave people in congress.

Gabriel Lampert
I very much appreciate that we still have people like you in public service, and hope that others will see you as a role model.

Patricia Goodman
Thank you for your efforts in helping the American people to gain health care . You have shown your commitment to serve your constituents in many ways. Marjorie Niland

Sandra Bondell

Carla Trumper
I appreciate you Mr. Grayson. Please stay in politics. While not in your state, I see you, I hear you and I thank you for speaking truth when others promote lies.

Patrick Wright
Thank you Congressman Grayson, I am truly sorry that the voters did not come out to vote. Other wise, had they come, I would be celebrating your relection. Certainly, I voted for you and would do it again. I met you and you looked me straight in my eyes and I knew you really cared what I had to say. Don't stop, there will be another time. God is on your side because you care for the weak, poor, unemployed as much as all individuals who are strong, rich and gainfully employed. Please campaign again...I see a future President in you. God bless. Patrick H. Wright.

Irene Ujda
The GOP want people to live in fear in our once-great country. You lifted our morale with your courageous attacks defending us against the rabid right wingers. You acted fearlessly and spoke boldly against republican ignorance. We still need you, please do what you can to continue to lead us and represent us.

Kathleen Hartshorne
Thank you Alan Grayson for standing up for American... of, for, and by the People!!! Please do not leave politics. Please lead the progressive movement charge. I will be there following and helping. We need people like you to help end the madness. Alan Grayson for President!!

Bob Parr
I watched a few of your addresses to Congress and can only wish we had more like you in Washington, DC. Hopefully, you will return to the House or Senate one day soon. Thank you for honoring your oath and speaking up for "we the people".

Barry Koicuba
Thank you Alan Grayson for being a real Democrat with the gut's to stand up and fight and tell the truth about the Republicans. I want you for my President in 2012.

Dennis McQueen
You have shown rare courage. Thank you for fighting for ALL the people of this nation. God bless you in all your future endeavors- and I hope that will be another political run!

Eric Blythe
Congressman Grayson, I cannot put the admiration I have for you into 200 characters. In Congress you have fought for what is best for the American People. I look forward to your eventual return soon.

Michael Johnson
Thank you Congressman Grayson, for all the truth and hard work that you have done for us!!!!Please come back and save us from the Republican Rat Bastards that are destroying this Country!!

Joel Hoffman
If JFK was alive today and writing Profiles in Courage there would be a chapter about you.

Nancy Patterson
I look forward to seeing you back in office, after your constituents realize what an error they made in electing your opponent.

Sarah Wiren
I've really enjoyed everything you've said and the fearless way that you said it. Thanks for sticking up for the little guy (even those little guys that don't realize that you stuck up for them).

Douglas Kinney
I'd love to see you back.

Amy Oconnor
Thank you Alan !! your political leadership days are not over...please run for something else or we will get someone to appoint you to something until your time comes along best wishes and a happy holiday and safe prosperous 2011

Sandy Cunningham
Dear Mr. Grayson .... Please run again next time and I guarantee you will be eelected. Good luck to you.

Maynard Kent
Thank You Alan Grayson for being the evildoers-in-Washington's worst nightmare. Thank You Alan Grayson for beginning the war to defend the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. I'm too busy fighting the war that you began to write the thank you proclamation that you deserve (which would be about 700 billion words long). That your time (at least in the House) was too short (like John F. Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s) is a tribute to how dangerous your words were in the eyes of the corrupt and the too-powerful. You hit a nerve.

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