Have you ever wondered what our team at Brave New Foundation is wishing for this holiday season?

Take a minute to watch our holiday video and see what many of us are hoping for as we move into 2011.

Once you see that our holiday wishes consist of more than just iPads and smartphones, we want you to share YOUR holiday wish below:

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    50 Most Recent Wishes:


    Lila Greaves
    Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all people.

    Patricia Mills

    I wish that everyone would get off President Obama’s case and let him get on with his agenda of reforms. He is a brilliant. highly gifted man and he is dedicated to doing the right thing, whether it’s popular or not. I admire him very much.

    Linda Rumery

    That we will end the war in Afghanistan. That we will as a collective nation work towards lowering global warming.

    Virginia Franco

    Dear Robert,

    I feel as proud of you as if I were your mother; having known your real Mom , I don’t think she would have minded. You are chip off the ole’… (does a female mensch exist?),

    Happy Holidays to you and hardworking staff,

    Virginia Franco

    Laura Borst

    1.revealing the corruption in the Homeland “Security”/surveillanceindustrial complex
    2.revealing the corruption of the pharmaceutical corporations and other interests in the medical industrial complex
    3.promote health freedom
    4.end the war and expose the military industrial complex,which could be linked to Wish #1.
    5.expose some of the corruptions of the behavioral “science” industrial complex, such as pathologizing typical childhood behavior as “ADHD”,among other things

    Monte Hess

    Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Fight for public option.

    Raymond Nash

    My wish is to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pass the DREAM Act, give people on Social Security a $250 check to make up for the COLA that was not given in the last 2 years, extend unemployment for the 99ers, pass the Employee Free Choice Act, shut down Gitmo, free Bradley Manning, prevent repeal of Wall Street Reform and Healthcare Reform, repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, pass the Disclose Act, stop Comcast from merging with NBC, make net neutrality real for the people not the telecomm companies, end the drug war and the DEAs persecution of doctors who give pain meds, raise taxes on the top 2%, increase the estate tax to 55%, override Citizen’s United decision if the Disclose Act isn’t passed, legalize drugs, extend unemployment to 30 months, reduce the 800 worldwide military bases, ensure that the EPA enforces the Clean Air Act regulating CO2, stop faith based initiative subsidies, stop exploiting wilderness areas by the loggers and the gas and oil folks, free from the prisons all those whose only crime is using or dealing drugs, stop the death penalty, fund elections with taxes and use no corporate or lobbyist funds, hold politicians to their campaign promises.


    The government we have today is political theatre that does not get much done for the average American. I think we would be better off with a parliamentary system.

    Maija Dravnieks

    Enough forests for water and oxygen,enough farms and food for all, enough careers in urban restoration. Ended drug war,people out of prisons to help farm and restore houses and buildings. My wish for me, move to a castle somewhere,tour the world helping along the way, be the boss of business living privately with art studios and gardens with chickens and peacocks,good around.

    Carrie Pellett

    I wish for domestic content requirements and equalizing tariffs on imports from the third world. Its time to bring manufacturing jobs home and to stop legitimizing slave labor.

    Ashley Rovira

    I wish that the DREAM ACT will be passed in both houses of Congress in 2011, and signed by the President,and made law in 2011!!!! YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!

    Don Gibbs

    first, you guys are great! my wish is that brave new foundation along with the hundreds of other progressive and truth-seeking organizations will coordinate a ten million person march on d.c., n.y.c. and the media headquarters to force the revelation of the truth of 9/11. all of the proof needed to show that 9/11 was a govt. job is available. it’s simply a matter of informing oneself and media coverage. we must march by the millions!

    Kami Day

    I got one big wish already–the repeal of DADT. Too late for many of my friends, but I’m happy for those gays and lesbians who truly want to serve. I hope for marriage equality, a narrowing of the gap between the rich and the poor, and a better economy partly for those affected so negatively by it and partly to Obama has a good chance to be elected again.

    Karen Linn

    That all of those folks who call themselves Christians will actually do as Christ commanded – Then a lot of problems would be solved and we might actually find PEACE.

    Rebecca Ratcliff

    Take on and take OUT the BLM!! They are destroying the Wild Horses and the PUBLIC lands! Someone has to have the guts to take these criminals on.

    Mark And Carol Peterson

    Support Obama… please be careful to balance your good progressive values with the reality of needing to compromise to get things done for all the American people. I am a deeply progressive person, but I see the genuine wisdom of President Obama and his political instincts and hope that you will too.

    James Wohlgemuth

    Peace, Equality, Truth

    Sidney Helmer


    Sidney Duane Helmer

    find me on cdbaby. amazon ,itunes etc

    William Lawrence
    My wish is that the new House will finally convince Obama that these people wish him ill. Maybe he will apoligize to the Liberals who have been right all along.

    Cindy Catlett

    LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dave Bell

    Prosecute the Bush Administration war criminals.

    Miriam Hyde

    My holiday wishes include:

    Americans remember what a great country; what a great people, we always have been, and return to that greatness.

    Equality and opportunity for all.

    Take care of each other, our air and water and our planet Earth.

    If you say you’re religious, please live it. Do the right and moral things, like helping those who need it.

    That by the end of 2011, everyone who wants to work can; there be no more homeless or hungry; we will be out of all wars and “conflicts.

    Julie Keitges

    I want to see the end of corporate personhood. I see it as the root of many of our national problems.

    John Redican

    Stop extrajudicial killings.Stop imprisoning people without due process.Stop the rampant shredding of the constitution

    Jeffrey Snyder

    repeal the military commissions act
    repeal the patriot act
    close gitmo
    start a new INDEPENDENT 9-11 investigation
    investigate the cheney/bush regime
    break up TBTF banks on wall street

    Mike Irwin

    1. Pass the Employee Free Choice Act.
    2. Pass legislation overriding the Citizen’s United ruling.
    3. Pass a stronger Net Neutrality Law, making the internet truly free.
    4. Increase taxes on the richest 2%.
    5. Increase the inheritance tax.
    6. Increase the length of the unemployment payments.
    7. Pay back all of the money owed to Social Security.
    8. Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, NOW.
    9. Reduce the number of military installations overseas.
    10. Pass a true marriage equality law, allowing gays to marry anywhere in the country.

    Paul Kruger

    Pass a strong version of DISCLOSE. I would also like to see it recognized as a conflict of interest for any member of congress to be involved in the writing of or voting on any legislation that materially benefits any special interest from whom that member has received any donations or been supported in promotional ads within the prior four years.

    Kelly Miles

    My wish is for everyone to get what they deserve.

    Kristin Capasso

    Reason & Sanity. Will probably get coal.

    Laurel C B Stranaghan

    Wish list:
    Our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan
    Filibuster reform
    Bullet trains nationwide
    A clean energy policy that sets the standard for the rest of the world
    Official guidelines & prison time (no fining) for legislators who violate their sworn oathes of office.
    Same pension and benefit rules for congressional legislators as for any federal employee.

    Nasim Azimi

    Our wish at FBUM is that Americans as son and daughter of Adam respect rights of their brothers and sisters in other part of this world.

    Adi Saavedra

    My wish is for more compassion in the world. I wish not for a movement against hate, but a movement FOR love. I wish for everyone to know that the movement of change starts with oneself, for every single individual to understand that he/she has a lot of power to make the world what he/she wants. My wish is for us all to band together and be loving toward one another.

    Ron Taylor

    Greater media advocacy for complete transparency in all government activities so that democracies can truly make informed decisions about what changes need to occur in the world for peace on earth, good will toward all life.

    Mary Donley

    I wish the Dream Act would pass!!

    Kathleen Koprivec

    My wish is that care, appreciation and gratitude will replace our “what’s in it for me” attitude. That we all will start to lead with our hearts and stand together with all other humans, animals, insects, and plants to transform ourselves and our earth home into a beneficient wholeness.

    Charlie O’Neill

    NO MORE WAR! Provide for the health and welfare of all citizens.

    No more needing 60 votes to get a bill passed.

    No more crazy judges and justices.

    No more electoral college.

    No more bailing out billionaires.

    Fair taxation for the welfare of all. I don’t want to pay taxes for any more WAR!!!

    Gail Greenblatt
    I wish that the citizens of the USA would mature and take their voting responsibility seriously. Our votes affect not only ourselves but all the other citizens of our country. Decisions should be rational and based on reality, rather than be driven by big bucks or fear mongoring.

    Jerry Metzger

    That you take me off this web site. I do not want anything to do with the Democratic Party. I will not vote again for Mr. Obama or any Dem. running for Office. The last straw was repealing “don’t ask don’t tell”. I am a 24 year retired veteran and we don’t need Homosexuals in our Military service. Thank You.

    Riccardo Mario Corato

    A Marxist Revolution in the USA with just one major change from similar experiences from the past.
    Private property is allowed but under a strict progressive taxation system and regulation.
    Earth, water, air, health, school, pensions and big networks (from transportation to telecommunications) are public property.
    Bigger banks and financial institutions are either nationalized or broken-up. Period.
    My best wishes for an Happy New Year to you all at the brave Foundation!
    Many thanks for your work.
    Riccardo Mario Corato

    Norm Kosky

    To get federal legislators to represent the majority of the American people rather than the their own wishes that are rewarded by big money and power.

    Hello on this sunny Camano Island Washington Wednesday:

    I just wrote this to the below email address for Gaby Pacheco and sharing my thoughts about the Dream Act. When I was pursuing my graduate degrees, a number of my college mates would have been deported; but instead they became psychologists, doctors, or other helping professionals. Please see the forwarded message below to understand more. Want to participate? Consider taking the survey and give your advice. Just click on the URL at the bottom to share your thoughts.

    Dear Gaby Pacheco, et.al.:

    Thanks for all the hard work. To me, the real problem is with those intellectually, emotionally, socially deranged legislators that have an self serving ideology within their neurotically arrested stage of narcism (the GOP calls it sticking with their principles), as well as severe social maladjustment, i.e., personality disorder. This is further complicated by the money they take out of their personal greed and power from nongovernmental entities. Primarily, it seems to be mainly the conservative GOP and Democratic legislators (blue dogs)? who are enslaved, through their own choice, to the beliefs and money from corporate and other powerful or rich interests. It is most important for the US people to band together and to call out and speak up against these opinions and those that make them. We must work to defeat those who show such racism, prejudice, and propagandize against the middle and lower class in our country. Furthermore, Jim Demint and Mitch McConnell and others have publicly said their goal is to defeat President Obama and they have stalled over 400 Senate bills sent from the House to “obstruct” and have Obama meet his “Waterloo” as Jim Demint has said publicly. To deal with such disturbed intellectual, emotional, and social maladjustment of public & private opinions special tools are needed. For more information that would help in this, please see the works of Thom Hartmann, especially a 2007 book titled “Cracking the code: How to win the hearts, change minds, and restore America’s original vision (ISBN 978-1-57675-458-0).
    Keep putting out the TRUTH Mr. Greenwald!

    Ione Shadduck

    I wish that we all become stewards of this beautiful planet.

    John Graeler

    Start right now to let President Obama know that weakening Social Security and Medicare will not be acceptable.

    Jeffrey Straughmatt

    get corporations, organized religion, lobbies, and other large money interests out of campaign finance! It’s nothing but legalized bribery! challenge as many republican lies as we possibly can. It’s important to get this country out of the world of spin, and back into the world of fact.

    James Parkey

    End cannabis prohibition and the drug war. Both are bare-knuckled assaults on fundamental human rights and dignity!

    Marie Markesteyn

    My wish is that greed be replaced by compassion – racial prejudice just vanish in a low hanging fog and be carried away. That LOVE of fellow beings(plant or animal) reign supreme.

    Ronald Marcus

    Fox collapses.

    Brett Morris

    I want to see our troops brought home. Not just from Iraq and Afghanistan but also from Germany and Japan as well. From England, Italy, Korea, and Greenland. Close down Diego Garcia and give it back to the natives. For pitys sake bring my brothers and sisters in arms home where they belong.

    Saralinda Greenlaw

    I wish to get president obama out of office and out someone in there the knows what they are doing and to bring our soldiers home and keep the republicans in office. I like that we Republicans have the stronghold right now.

    Jocelyn Triggle

    my wish is that the demcreatic to take back the house in 2012 and gain more seats in the senate and alan grayson will run again to the house or senate he’s my hero

    Daniel Piccolo

    My wish is that our government reflect the peoples’ wishes, not the corporate interests.

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