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Humanitarian ‘Call Congress Day’ 9-30 to say ‘No $128 billion for Iraq and Afa wars’

By Deborah Dupre’ at Examiner

Voters for Peace (VFP) and a host of national organizations announced today that they are mobilizing Americans across the nation to call Congress on September 30 to say, “No Exit strategy! No Timeline! Stop war funding!” according to Kevin Zeese, VFP director.

This week the New York Times said the “Antiwar Movement Plans an Autumn Campaign Against Policies on Afghanistan.”The call-in is part of the national October peace campaign.

War on terror expensive myth

Congress is steps away from passing the $625.8 billion 2010 Defense Budget containing approximately $128.2 billion to war against Afghanistan and Iraq through September 2010.
Evidence exists that the longer the U.S. wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, the greater is the risk that Americans will be attacked on U.S. soil according to former CIA field operative, Robert Baer and other officials in humanitarian movie director, Robert Greenwall’s documentation in Rethink Afghanistan Part 6. (See video below)

Americans have been signing Tom Hayden’s petition for Congress to not fund sending more troops to Afganistan. The September 30 National Call-in signals stronger dissent against the wars that are putting Americans in harms way and wasting troop’s lives while basic  human needs remain unmet on the homefront.

Quagmire fact

The original meaning of “a quagmire” is when every step taken to escalate a war makes it harder than ever to leave.

General McChrystal has called for tens of thousands of additional American troops and a long-term commitment likely to tie the United States down in Afghanistan for years to come.

The White House has offered no timetable and no “exit strategy” for Afghanistan.

“At this critical moment, members of Congress need to get a powerful message from their constituents that we need a different policy in Afghanistan – one that emphasizes diplomacy and humanitarian assistance. Without any plan to bring the war to an end, Congress should not give another “blank-check” to the White House for continued fighting,” states Zeese.

United for Peace and Justice, CODEPINK, Peace Action, Progressive Democrats for America, Just Foreign Policy, AfterDowningStreet and Voters for Peace coalition believes public outcry is important now, when the Pentagon is leaning on the President and Congress to escalate the costly, destructive and ultimately un-winnable wars

The coalition urges all citizens to particpate in the September 30 National Call-in Day to tell Senators and Congressional Representatives to vote against the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill.

“When making this call, urge them to co-sponsor Congressman James McGovern’s H.R. 2404 that would require President Obama to provide an ‘exit plan’ from Afghanistan no later than December 2009,” urged Zeese.

For a list of co-sponsors of the McGovern bill, see:

“Growing numbers of Senators and Congressional Representatives have expressed concerns over US policy in Afghanistan. It is hypocritical to raise so many questions and then turn around and provide “blank check” funding for another year of war,” says Zeese.

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