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The Koch Brother's Epic Hashtag Fail

The Koch-funded conservative mouthpiece Americans for Prosperity decided that they were going to get themselves a hashtag and join this Twitter thing they've been hearing about ever since Obama used it to trounce conservatives in 2008.

As reported on the Palm Beach Post, the group spent over six-figures on sponsored tweets featuring the hashtag #16trillionfail. Why? Well, in AFP's fantasy world, the Twitterverse would have exploded with anti-Obama rhetoric with regards to the national debt. Unfortunately for AFP, the rest of Twitter lives in reality.

So instead of blasting the President, #16trillionfail has become an instant hit among liberals who have turned it into a rallying cry against the conservative agenda.

Here are some of the more choice tweets:

Want to see more? Just head over to Twitter and do a search for #16trillionfail.