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Too Much Ice is Really Bad for Polar Bears; Give Yourself a Real Scare with this Great Video of Koch-Financed Disinformation

by Sara Sullivan for Climate Connections:

Brendan DeMelle of DeSmogBlog drew my attention to this great video by Brave New Films. He wrote: 

The Koch brothers have spent far more than even ExxonMobil to spread doubt and misinformation about the 97% scientific consensus on climate changein recent years—over $67 million on climate denial, in fact. Out of13,950 peer-reviewed scientific journals, only 24 reject global warming. But the Kochs and the extensive, well-funded network of front groups and media echo chambers would prefer that we ignore our responsibility [...] so that the Koch brothers and their friends can continue to profit from pollution-based enterprises.

The video does a great job tying the seemingly crazy climate change denial given space in mainstream media with very specific organizations funded by the Koch brothers. There’s even a little Exorcist-like music for this Halloween.