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I was first shown Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price in Mr Goldberg's 9th grade history class (2011-12). At the time I had just moved to Brooklyn and my knowledge of the U.S. was minimal. The film proved to be deeply formative for me - it was the basis for my ceaseless infatuation with the U.S. and its absurd and sometimes oppressive values. Four years later and I am on a gap year interning at Brave New Films, the company that brought you Walmart. Thank you for introducing me to BNF's work Mr Goldberg!


Is there a teacher that has inspired you? Tell that story with the hashtag #tuneintoteachers. We are partnering up with Voice of Witness to share our gratitude for teachers who have inspired us. 


My teacher showed me Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price and now there are so many films available to teachers through BNE. Please encourage a teacher to check out Brave New Educators!