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A Continuous Journey of Growth from D.C. to California


Graduating from Howard University in Washington D.C. then moving back home to California was a huge transition for me. I had just spent my entire adult life in another city. I had established a home, friendships, networks, mentors and most importantly a job - but I missed home. So at the end of July of 2014, I took a leap of faith and moved back to Los Angeles knowing that even though I had friends and family I had no connections to begin an actual career in my degree. Soon August rolled around, then September, and I was at a panic. Even though it had only been about 45 days since being home, I had been applying for jobs religiously but had no luck.

It wasn’t until my mother sat me down and reminded me of things that drive me as a person. “Le Anne you have a passion for helping people,” she said. “Why don’t you step out into your community and do something you love!” Knowing that the latter was staring at my computer screen for hours while scarfing chips, I took my mother's advice. The very first non-profit company I applied for was Brave New Films. It was a non-paid Outreach Intern position but after reading up on the company and seeing how their values paralleled with mine, I jumped at the opportunity. Within a few hours I had heard a reply from Laurie, the Programs Director, asking for a interview. I was thrilled! After applying for so long and finally hearing an answer from someone, I realized that I probably should have asked my mother for advice a lot sooner.

I graduated with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Political Science because at heart I will always be a storyteller championing for justice. My enthusiasm for journalism derives from my quest for change, my love of helping the community, and a passion to spread knowledge and awareness of political, social and economical issues.  Journalists are the liaisons between the general public and the mass media. As a journalist I believe it is our responsibility to stand for truth and justice to make sure the public is fully knowledgeable on any given issue or topic.  A journalist must also be fearless and independent, practicing the rights given by the first amendment, while still acknowledging proper media governance. No matter what opportunities I embark upon, I always make sure to leave my mark as a positive impact on the community.  I came to Brave New Films because I knew that they would help to create change and bring peace, and I wanted to be a part of that family. It will be a long and tedious battle, but with hard work and patience I believe BNF can create the foundation to help make a difference. 

Knowledge and truth bring innovative thought and inspire change if given the tools to move forward. By producing honest and meaningful content, people can become self sufficient, resourceful, and impartial thinkers. That being said, I love all forms of storytelling because each form can be used to help, benefit, teach, and inform the people in order to better the human condition. I’ve tapped into print, radio, television, and now film and I love them all! As an aspiring professional broadcast journalist I feel it is my duty to remain open-minded and genuine in order to expand my learning horizons and grow in my profession.  

Although I aspire to be a seasoned journalism professional, I humbly gain comfort in not being an expert. I want to learn from all genres of media as well as the ins and outs of what makes the company successful. My internship at Brave New Films has allowed me learn from every department and it has been an eye opening experience. Learning is an everyday process and accepting this will only aid me on my journey to flourish and develop throughout my career. The betterment of the people will always be my focus however, in order to better the public I must always be willing to better myself as an individual. I chose broadcast journalism as my career because the constant search for truth, the ability to produce creative content, and the power to teach the masses is my passion. Behind every good worker lies passion; a passion to learn, a passion to work hard, and a passion to get better. No matter where my internship takes me in the future, I will always strive to be a reliable and relatable source to turn to in the midst of uncertainty.

Le Anne Boohene is a positive, energetic and dependable journalist from sunny southern California. She is a recent Howard University graduate with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Political Science. Le Anne enjoys doing community service events, interacting with children, and networking with professionals. Her goals for the future include providing serious content that informs all audiences through her company LeBoo Productions, giving back to others through community service and continuing to remain open-minded and genuine in order to always be willing to learn something new.