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Bring on the Popcorn! Billionaire Koch Brothers Star in New Documentary

By Clyde Weiss for AFSCME

Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, whose vast wealth as head of Koch Industries enabled them to finance the tea party, are now documentary film stars, and this film is one we encourage you to watch.

“Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition,” is an update of filmmaker Robert Greenwald’s 2012 documentary, “The Koch Brothers Exposed.

You can see a trailer of the film here. The full version is here.

This film is important because the Koch brothers are dominant players in the extreme right-wing politics of our nation, using their money and influence to fight workers’ rights, environmental regulations and economic equality.

“The film investigates the influence the Koch brothers and their political agenda have on the democratic process and how their sway is dangerous to communities across the nation,” Greenwald told Roll Call. “We must end this influx of money into our political system.”