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  • Felons Commonly Lose:​Voting Rights​ - Travel Privileges - ​Gun Rights - ​Right to Jury Duty - ​Employment Privileges - ​Social Benefits - ​Housing Benefits - ​Parental Rights

Source: The Law Dictionary, "What Rights Do Convicted Felons Lose?"

  • 97% of federal convictions and 94% of state convictions are the results of plea deals.

Source: The Marshall Project, "Plea Bargaining and the Innocent" 2014

  • Less than 3% of all federal defendants go to trial.

Source: American Judges Association, "Court Review: Volume 42, Issue 3-4" 2006

  • Cash bail is only legal in two countries, the United States and the Philippines. 

Source: The Marshall Project, "Plea Bargaining and the Innocent" 2014

  • Nearly 90% of defendants with a bail of $1,000 or less could not pay.

Source: Human Rights Watch, "The Price of Freedom" 2010

  • Almost half a million people are sitting in jail because they are unable to pay bail.

Source: Justice Policy, "Our Bail System Is Leaving Innocent People To Die In Jail Because They’re Poor" 2016

  • Even three days in jail can result in loss of wages, jobs, housing, and family connections, leaving lower risk defendants 40% more likely to commit future crime.

Source: Laura and John Arnold Foundation, "Pretrial Criminal Justice Research" 2013