Checking my e-mail, I got the periodical e-mail from Media Matters. I had sent them an e-mail asking them for any help in finding a venue for questioning this dangerous and perhaps unprecedented use of the media this was in the United States. Neither did I receive an acknowledgement of receipt nor any advice. So, I used the new email periodical which portends to welcome comments or leads for stories or w/e to complain to Media Matters about their inertia regarding what I saw as something criminal and anti-American. I got an apology e-mail. And guess what their advice was. To contact the Southern Poverty Law Center and report my concerns as a "hate crime".

It seems the bottom line is that FCC laws protecting journalism have either not been updated to address the possibility that a phenomenon could happen where a media network itself would or could act so potentially criminal --not in America where everybody observes the same rules and we're the good guys or no one realizes that there are serious stakes that require differentiation between classic journalism and partisan entertainment posing as journalism in situation where guns are locked and loaded and pointed.

This inertia and naivety can not stand in a house divided against itself where one side has broken down into the unthinkable by the standards of just, say, 25 years ago. But it has been going just like that. See Robert Greenwald's latest film on how the Koch's have plans for African Americans in their views of how America should progress. Or join the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of "Outfoxed" which showed in 2004 how journalism was being polluted by propaganda by seeing Outfoxed. If a house divided against itself can not stand, it certainly won't if one side continues to walk around passing the buck and acting as if nothing internal has set new precedents that damn well need to be looked at by the DOJ before the worst happens.