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Diet Koch? No, the Koch Diet: Hot Coals for Hungry Leftist Mouths

by  Ari. L Noonan for The Front Page Online

Members of the Culver City Democratic Club are scheduled to raise their loudest cheers in months at Wednesday’s meeting when Culver City-based Brave New Films unveils a stinging updated demonization of the Koch brothers.

For several reasons, the club’s assured reaction is regrettable. Charles and David are more charitable than almost any individual Americans, hidden more strenuously than the identity of the killer of the Lindbergh baby. They are brilliantly operating, generous, well-liked employers.


Dishonesty Soars

But what does being a good person matter when their political philosophy is the opposite of the controlling Left? With the mid-term elections now away, you will find them being bashed nearly daily in our country’s most visible newspapers – stories that are routinely distorted in newspapers that are routinely dishonest.

Long ago it became fashionable to criticize Republicans for accumulating too much wealth and spending too much of it at election time. “Wealthy Democrats” has been an oxymoron for decades.

Facts are nonentities for leftists. For the last four election cycles, Democrats have outraised Republicans. You might need a gun, however, to unearth and report such fastidiously hidden information.

For example, yesterday on page 1, The New York Times dishonestly reported that in the heatedly fought U.S. Senate races, to determine control of that chamber, heroic, smooth-faced Democrats “have rapidly narrowed the traditional financial gap with Republican groups.”

Koch Goes Down the Drain

You will not read in the Times on either coast the following story related over the weekend in Investors Business Daily. Here is what has happened to the laudatory image Charles and David Koch in the last four years:

A lawyer for the Kochs told the Weekly Standard in 2010 that “a senior Obama aide” was telling journalists that the dreaded Kochs “do not pay corporate income tax” through their company, Koch Industries.

How in the world would he know that?

The aide later was found to be a high-profiler. Austin Goolsbee, former Obama senior economics advisor.

Said the IBD: “In a conference call with reporters, theWashington Post reported, Golsbee used Koch Industries as an example to back up an administration claim that half of all business income went to companies that manage to avoid paying corporate income taxes. Goolsbee could not have made his claim without access to the Kochs’ private tax data, something a White House official is not supposed to have.”

To condense a lengthy tale, six Republican senators sent a letter to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The gentleman said he was launching an investigation – and you know what happens to smoke-blowing investigations throughout the Obama administration.

The inspector general never released findings, possibly because there was no investigation. The inspector general has refused Freedom of Information Act requests. Those, too, have gone where smoke ultimately resides.

The Koch brothers and their spotless reputation? It and they go where all Republicans are dispatched in an Obama Washington, booted to the gutter, left for dead, like all promised IRS and Eric Holder investigations of the past six years.