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It's Been Ten Years Since 'Outfoxed' Gave Fox News a Huge Headache

By Catherine Taibi for the Huffington Post.

Ten years after the release of "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism," the film's director Robert Greenwald said it's difficult to think that there was once a time when Fox News wasn't widely known as a right-wing network.

"This is hard to remember," Greenwald said in a 10th anniversary video, "but back then, Fox was often driving the media conversation."

"Outfoxed," caused a major stir when it was released in 2004. The film leveled stinging allegations at the network, accusing it of conservative bias, politicized coverage and strategic manipulation of its viewers.

Greenwald has said that he thinks the documentary was one of the first forthright attacks on Fox News at a time when many still remained uncertain of its agenda.

Since the film's debut, several news outlets and journalists have continued to document the political ties between the network and the Republican Party, notablyRolling Stone and Roger Ailes' biographer Gabriel Sherman.

In the anniversary video, Greenwald said that his goal in making the film was to show that Fox News was "not a news network but in fact a biased source of information." Ten years later, he said he is "very proud" of what the film has accomplished and thrilled that other media figures like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have also gone after Fox News.

"Our job is to continue to build other media to counter Fox," Greenwald said. "There is a truth, there are facts, and none of them are on Fox."