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Martin Sheen Reprises 'West Wing' Role for Prison Sentencing Reform PSA

By Marisa Kabas for Hypervocal. 

When actors play popular fictional characters, fans often have trouble separating the two and usually find the character much more compelling. Martin Sheen knows that after playing a wildly popular TV president, people sort of care about what he has to say, but they’d much rather hear it from The West Wing’s President Bartlet.

Brave New Films released a new PSA on Tuesday urging Congress to pass the Smarter Sentencing Act, and it features Sheen as Bartlet to help get their message across. The act aims to reduce prison populations and costs by creating less severe minimum terms for nonviolent drug offenders, something actually done by Sheen’s beloved character. In real life, Sheen has been an advocate for sentencing reform.

“President Bartlet has a message for Congress” (via @swin24) is a West Wing lover’s dream.