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Tactic: Long Lines/Polling Location/Provisional Ballot

County: Gwinnett County

Occupation: Owns her own beauty and wellness center

Jocelyn waited in line for two hours at her usual polling place. When she reached the front of the line, she was told by poll workers that she needed to go to a location over an hour away. She refused, so they told her to go downtown to a polling station where she could cast a provisional ballot. She waited 2 more hours in that line and was told to go back to her original location for the provisional ballot. By evening the line at her location was even longer, after an 8-hour ordeal, Jocelyn cast her provisional ballot. But when she called the next day, the woman on the phone told her they did not need to take any information from her, because “all provisional ballots would be automatically counted.” Only later, when she discussed with her mother, who had worked for years at polling stations, did she realize that the election official had misinformed her. That without the relevant information she should have submitted, her vote was not counted. She says in total, she waited for over 8 hours, and in the end, still lost the fight to vote.