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"The film...will be shown for free in church basements, colleges and state capitals and later will be available on Facebook, YouTube and other outlets. The distribution campaign mixes old-school activism with the vast reach of social media..." 





"The film exposes how the powerful gun companies and the NRA are resisting responsible legislation for the sake of profit - and thereby putting people in danger." 





"Making a Killing's election-year release is a deliberate move, an attempt to push the public to protest the NRA and to pressure politicians to support stricter gun regulations."




"The movie investigates the financial ties between the National Rifle Association and the gun industry, and traces the group’s humble roots as a coalition of backwoods hunters to its current role as chief cheerleader for the $12 billion industry." 








"A new documentary shines a light on the dangerous intersection of domestic violence and guns."





"The community needs to see, and learn about how the gun lobby is so connected to so much of the violence that we're seeing, and how they operate."    


"The tobacco industry fought safeguards the exactly the same way the gun industry does. Or the automobile industry….’ All of those changes have happened, and I am certain that (stricter gun laws) will happen too. But it’s only going to happen if every one of us stops being an observer and gets involved."


"The stunning truth is there are so many guns in the US that toddlers fatally shoot more Americans than terrorists."





"Once you take morality out of a company that makes killing machines, and in this case guns, the way you maximize profit is if you sell more guns that kill more people"



"All of us with our political posturing, it really boils down to the victims and the survivors. And if we care about them, if we are going to avenge their pain and their loss of life" 




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