Filmmaker: 'Neocon Fantasy' American Sniper Gets People 'Cheering' For More War - Brave New Films
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Filmmaker: 'Neocon Fantasy' American Sniper Gets People 'Cheering' For More War

The original post by Josh Feldman appears on Mediaite. 

Liberal filmmaker Robert Greenwald sparred with ex-Congressman Patrick Murphy on MSNBC today over the movie American Sniper, which Greenwald denounced as a war-hungry “neocon fantasy.”

Greenwald argued the film sends the message that “there is no good Iraqi except for a dead Iraqi. Murphy, a veteran himself, shot back that Greenwald’s exaggerating and isn’t considering how the movie humanizes Iraqis who worked with Americans to stop the real enemy.

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Greenwald acknowledged some of the humanization of Chris Kyle in the film, but claimed, “What this movie will achieve will be more Americans believing and cheering for more wars and then more veterans being injured––more veterans losing arms and legs and their families destroyed.”

He told Ed Schultz that watching American Sniper “tore my guts apart,” and he was particularly sickened by how “people in the movie theater were cheering after every time an Iraqi got shot.”