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MLK Would Be Pissed If He Knew The New Way We Segregate In America

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the movement he led that had an enormous impact on race relations and human rights in America.

But, the day is more bitter than sweet in these times of blatant police killings of innocent black men and in this era when more black people are incarcerated in our prisons system than were enslaved in the pre-Civil War south.

So today, we share with you a short film highlighting the story of Pastor Kenneth Glasgow and his two grown children who are helping to keep the fight alive through their organization, The Ordinary People’s Society (TOPS), which provides food and a variety of services to those reentering society after time in prison. Watch and be reminded why we must continue to fight to reduce mass incarceration - our country’s current system of second class citizenry.