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From Music to Film


Filming musicians at Chapman University

Many years ago I picked up a camera. I didn't have any idea how to use it or have a purpose for which to use it. However, I found myself gravitating towards sharing the stories of others instead of creating my own. Documentary became a perfect fit for me.

During high school this consisted of a large number of band-focused projects which allowed me the opportunity to share my perspective as a band member and explore the power of the camera to communicate our experiences as a whole. As a band we traveled to competitions both near and far, as well as worked on our own concert material for performance at home. We played together, we failed together, and we succeeded together enabling us to bond and grow as musicians and friends. 

The most important lesson I learned from being in band was how to work together. Music is composed of many parts and our ensemble needed to come together as a whole. Each person was responsible for their part and the balance of that part with the rest of the band. This teamwork and collaboration produced wonderful results. Through understanding our roles and the roles of others in the band we were able to make something bigger than the sum of our parts.  

Fast forward a few years, I still find the same values applicable as I take on larger issues with my work at Brave New Films. Through documentary films we can see more of the world and the different perspective in it, allowing us to find how our voice fits within the context of a global conversation. 

Stephen Doyle is a documentary filmmaker and photographer. His work has taken him across the globe from downtown Los Angeles kitchens to the rolling hills of Italy and beyond. You can check out more of Stephen's work at: