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NARAL, Planned Parenthood hit Ford in video

By Jimmy Vielkind at Times Union

Three left-leaning groups have produced the above video portraying ex-Rep. Harold Ford Jr., who is exploring the possibility that he will run a primary against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, as an anti-choice, pro-Republican individual. At one point, he is shown standing in front of a Confederate flag.

NARAL, Planned Parenthood and Make the Road New York co-produced this montage, which shows Ford during television interviews and in campaign commercials. A representative of NARAL said it was underwritten because Ford is attempting to “re-write history.”

“Harold Ford claims others are falsifying his record in public life. It’s clear in this video that Harold Ford is self-proclaimed pro-life and does not reflect the values of New York voters,” said M. Tracey Brooks, the head of Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York.

Davidson Goldin, a spokesman for Ford, called the video “distorting” and stressed that if he ran and were elected, Ford would serve as an “independent Democrat.” He likened Ford’s positions on some issues to those of Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer, and sent a video of Barack Obama speaking in favor of Ford.

“Harold Ford is and always has been a supporter of abortion rights and any suggestion otherwise is a baseless attempt to distort his record, and any group that truly supports abortion rights should have enough self-respect not to resort to lying in an effort to protect an unelected senator,” Goldin went on to charge. Ford has had the support of pro-choice groups in the past, but NARAL issued a statement saying his voting record was not consistent.

“And unlike Kirsten Gillibrand, who uses guns the way some people use Ambien and received an A rating from the NRA, Harold has never owned a gun and received a C rating from the NRA. That speaks for itself,” Goldin said.