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New Site Says ‘Lieberman Must Go’

From Susan Davis at The Wall Street Journal

A new Web video and online petition is calling for the ousting of Sen. Joe Lieberman from the Senate’s Democratic Caucus because of his support of the war in Iraq and his endorsement of expected Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.

“We CANNOT tolerate a leader of the Senate Democratic Caucus who supports George Bush and McCain’s War in Iraq. We CANNOT tolerate a Democratic chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee who endorses and stumps for McCain,” states

The Video features a mash-up of cable news talking heads and Lieberman himself discussing his support for the war and McCain. Since his unsuccessful 2000 bid on Al Gore’s presidential ticket, the Connecticut senator has increasingly parted ways with the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

Lieberman lost the 2006 Democratic primary to Ned Lamont, but ultimately won the general election running as an Independent. He still caucuses with Democrats in the U.S. Senate, who hold a narrow 51-49 majority with the help of Lieberman and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, also an Independent.

Lieberman’s support of McCain has been vexing to many Democrats, including Obama at times. The Illinois senator had a widely reported exchange with Lieberman on the Senate floor earlier this month, shortly after Obama secured the party’s nomination. At the same time, Lieberman was criticizing Obama for his statements on Iran.

So far over 32,000 people have signed the online petition. The video, produced by Los Angeles-based Brave New Films, has already been viewed about 100,000 times, according to their Web traffic. The left-leaning outfit has also produced Web videos critical of McCain, including one in late May that has been viewed over 2.5 million times. “Americans are tired of this type of old petty partisan politics. Sen. Lieberman will continue to put the country’s interests before partisan interests,” said Marshall Wittmann, Lieberman’s spokesman, in response to the site.