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Next time someone says racism isn't real, show them this 3-minute video

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If systemic racism isn't real, why are black people nearly four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana use than their white counterparts despite using drugs at similar rates, about twice as likely to be pulled over while driving, or half as likely to get a call back after they mail their resume to an employer?

The video above, by Brave New Films, breaks down these stats and more in a takedown of the idea that systemic racism isn't a real problem in America.

When looking at events like the unrest unfolding in Baltimore over Freddie Gray's death, the focus typically falls on police — since, in the case of Gray, they're the ones protesters blame for the 25-year-old's death due to a spinal cord injury after an allegedly brutal arrest. And while racial disparities in the criminal justice system and police use of force exist, this Brave New Films video demonstrates that the problem goes much deeper — affecting black Americans even when they're applying for jobs, purchasing a car, or trying to buy a house.