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We Cannot Afford A New War With Iran


War with Iran is the definition of a bad deal. 


What do Bolton, Netanyahu, Graham and a whole host of others in Washington opposing the Iran Nuclear deal have in common? 


They were passionate supporters of the Iraq war and continue to hold that view today.


Of course, we all know how this played out: no WMDs, tens of thousands of Americans killed or wounded, countless Iraqi civilians dead, nearly $4 trillion spent, and ISIS on a rampage throughout the Middle East.


We will not listen to these people again. They were wrong about Iraq and they are wrong about Iran.


The reality is that there is no better Iran deal and those calling for one never offer a viable plan on how to get there. In fact, this fantasy of a "better deal" equals war, which will come at a tremendous cost.


War with Iran is not a viable alternative to a deal, especially when a peaceful negotiation is within reach.