How Much Are You Paying For Trump To Golf? - Brave New Films
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How Much Are You Paying For Trump To Golf?

US taxpayers are spending millions on Donald Trump’s lavish golf trips to his resorts with money that could fund a year’s salary for 2,050 public school teachers OR provide housing to 1,221 families for a year. Take a look at our latest video, which highlights just how much these trips cost hard working tax-payers like you. Trump is lining his pockets, one golf trip at a time.

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In the wake of the federal court ruling in the Mazars USA case, which reaffirmed Congress’ power to investigate the executive branch, we urge Congress to intensify its investigations into the president and the Trump administration. Congress must determine: a) how much money Trump’s businesses have received from tax-payers through military stays and other official government travel; b) how much Trump’s businesses have received from foreign sources.

Together, we are calling on Congress to follow the money wherever it leads.

Tell the House to follow the money and ask how much Trump is profiting from his presidency. Add your name here