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Tactic: Absentee Ballot

Residence/County: John’s Creek, Fulton

Occupation: Speechwriter

Peggy Xu is a Political Science graduate from the University of Chicago that recently moved to Washington DC to work a temporary job as a speechwriter. She requested an absentee ballot in early October 2018 and began to panic when she didn’t receive it by late October. On Oct. 24th, Peggy contacted the Fulton County Election Board and was emailed an affidavit canceling the first absentee ballot. She then filled out and returned an application for a second absentee ballot. She was assured her second ballot would be mailed to her by October 29, one week prior to the November 6 election. The absentee ballot never arrived and she was unable to vote. Peggy and her longtime friend, Arah Kang, posted about their experiences on Facebook and gathered 40 similar stories of problems with absentee ballots in Georgia.