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Reinvention in the YouTube Age: Brutal for Harold Ford

By Michael McAuliff at NY Daily News

Kirsten Gillibrand has taken her lumps in shifting to the left, but that’s nothing to the pounding Harold Ford is facing, thanks to YouTube and his own penchant for seeking the limelight.

Take the mashup (below — “Anne Coulter’s Favorite Democrat!”) that hit the Internet yesterday from Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films, which mocked John McCain to great effect in 2008.

In fact, there is so much video evidence out there of Ford’s less-than-New York Democratic positions, the liberal-leaning Media Matters has dubbed the Tennessean’s do-si-do to the left a “Reverse Romney,” and have started a “fact check” on him.

Here’s another put out by NARAL New York.

That’s some tough stuff to deal with — easy ad material for the opposition, and they don’t even have to make anything up.