Robert Greenwald Statement on growing crisis in Iraq - Brave New Films
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Robert Greenwald Statement on growing crisis in Iraq

ROBERT GREENWALDPresident and Founder of Brave New Films

"The tragic situation in Iraq is the shattered legacy the United States leaves behind after 12 years of war and over $3 billion wasted. I am gravely saddened by these recent events. The Administration must not cave into the hawks mindless pressure for military action.

The safety and security of the United States cannot be fixed with more guns, bombs, invasions or even drones. As we've seen with a neocon approach towards our foreign policy - a one-size-fits-all solution does not work. It is merely a negligent philosophy that leads to greater destabilization in the Middle East and across the globe. It's time for the President to oppose another military intervention in Iraq and respect that now is time for negotiation and diplomacy."