Social Media Fellowship - Brave New Films
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Social Media Fellowship

The Social Media Strategist is responsible for growing BNF’s presence and outreach on social media, devising strategies to increase traffic to BNF videos and website, launching new social media campaigns around specific projects, managing BNF’s online profiles,  building a fanbase, and turning online clicks into offline action.  

The Social Media Fellow assists the Strategist by creating and posting new, engaging content on active social media channels and by monitoring trending topics.


Tasks you will be performing during your fellowship:

  • Create and post shareable memes/graphics on Facebook and Instagram
  • Help to prepare videos for online launches, adding annotations and cards, and creating links
  • Schedule posts for all social platforms
  • Promote videos in various Facebook groups
  • Write copy for ledes and description fields for videos on YouTube.
  • Develop tweets for Twitter
  • Research and monitor trending topics for rapid-response graphics
  • Interact with followers/audience by responding to comments on social media platforms, when possible
  • Optimize YouTube and  Facebook content (titles, thumbnails, descriptions, playlists, captions)
  • Transcribe videos for closed captioning

Skills and traits we are looking for:

  • You are naturally curious, flexible, self-motivated and eager to learn. You have good self-organizing skills and attention to detail. You have a positive attitude towards challenges at work
  • You know how to use Adobe Photoshop, and have basic graphic design knowledge (i.e. can independently create social media memes from scratch under creative direction)
  • You have knowledge of major social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
  • You can show your active presence on social media - a FB page, Twitter profile, YouTube Channel
  • You have a passion for progressive politics, social justice and activism
  • You have solid writing and communication skills
  • You have video editing proficiency (even basic)  in Adobe Premiere, a plus