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What should Brave New Films make next?

At Brave New Films, we believe in the power of storytelling to ignite change and drive social justice forward. Now, we're turning to you, our community, for inspiration.

We want to hear your voice and your vision for our next film project. What topics are close to your heart? What issues do you believe demand more attention and understanding? Your suggestions will guide us as we craft compelling narratives that challenge perspectives, provoke thought, and ultimately, inspire action.

Whether it's environmental justice, racial inequality, LGBTQ+ rights, or any other pressing social issue, your input matters. Together, we can harness the power of film to amplify marginalized voices, foster empathy, and drive meaningful change.

Join us in shaping the future of storytelling. Share your ideas below and let's create something truly impactful together.


  • Sheri Delaine
    commented 2024-05-27 13:19:22 -0700
    The ignorance and violence of the human animal – from polluting and destroying the only place we have to live (which no other animal on Earth does) to obliterating each other and our cultures, despising differences in each other, our hypocrisy in artificial gods and complete ignorance and fear of the natural world from whence we all came. History is glaring proof of our selfish, foolish destructive actions but humans don’t learn from history – most don’t even know their history. Are we predisposed to this way of thinking and behavior or do we only learn it from those who came before us? Yet, there are those humans who rise above the worst of what we have proven to be. Can we all learn to rise above our worst selves? How do we turn the tide and change our collective behavior, and therefore everything in our world, for the better – for everyone? The potential in there.
  • Philip Ratcliff
    commented 2024-05-26 21:57:53 -0700
    How about an item about how Congress sells out to the highest bidder? The Israel lobby, including right-wing funded groups like AIPAC and Democratic Majority for Israel, spent $58 million on campaign contributions to members of Congress last year alone.

    The lobby is so influential in Congress that only 33 current members (including our Squad) didn’t take money from them.
  • Philip Ratcliff
    commented 2024-05-26 21:55:43 -0700
  • Amy Velazquez
    commented 2024-05-17 10:34:07 -0700
    Please make a documentary of the student protestors. In my day, we were called “commies” for protesting the Vietnam War. Today, they are called anti-Semitic. We should be protecting these students and we should be paying attention to their concerns. Also, look at who benefits from the demonization of the students, corporations, politicians, governments etc.
  • Malcolm Clark
    commented 2024-05-16 12:04:30 -0700
    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

    ― Henry Ford

    Bankers have always occupied the top of the pyramid from which they have manipulated an controlled the masses for millennia. As they are now poised to take ownership of everyone and everything on Earth, the most significant way we can resist is to spread awareness of who they are, what they do, and how they do it. IMO there is not a more important topic for Brave New Films to take on in a succinct, engaging, and entertaining fashion which anyone can understand – and hopefully feel inspired to spread the word!! Here are a few points of departure suggested from which you might proceed. Surely you are aware of others:

    Big Money: https://youtu.be/N_u4fA5HExQ

    “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” documentary from Michael Rivero
  • C.T. Butler
    commented 2024-05-15 07:30:30 -0700
    You asked so I’m going to bite. Disclaimer: this is shameless self-promotion but it is the first time in my life and I’m 70 so I feel justified.

    A movie about how the worldwide social/political peace & justice movement called Food Not Bombs (FNB) got started.

    It wasn’t an accident and it wasn’t spontaneous. I should know. I was there and I am the fountainhead. FNB was intentionally created by me as a social/political meme and it worked beyond my wildest expectations. Historically, I actively sabotaged my relationship to FNB because I did not want it to be either a “cult of the personality” movement or dominated by me because of my foundational relationship to FNB. I was exceptionally successful at this to the point that no one really knows how or why FNB started.

    While I am okay with this personally, my closest friends tell me that, not only would the true story of how FNB started be inspirational to a great many young (and old) people, it might also inspire more attempts at creating social/political memes that actually change society towards a more sane, just and peaceful world.

    C.T. Lawrence Butler

    “If war is the violent resolution of conflict, then peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather, the ability to resolve conflict without the use of violence.”
  • Lynn Estomin
    commented 2024-05-13 10:43:07 -0700
    Covering anti-war veterans. There are strong vooices against war from American vets of Vietnam, Apfghanistan and Iraq wars creating and performing poetry involved in Warrior Writers and several other vet/arts organizations.
  • Ken Miles
    commented 2024-05-12 17:43:39 -0700
    In today’s world, the ongoing racial division in our country still astounds me. Yet, another issue gnaws at me even more deeply: the disparity in pay between men and women who perform identical work side by side. Many women manage single-parent households and rely on every penny they earn. This could be your mom, sister, daughter, niece, or neighbour. This inequality is unjust and demands action. As a man, a black 72-year-old it’s imperative for men to unite and to advocate against this unfair treatment of women.
  • Vicki Rosenthal, MSW
    followed this page 2024-05-11 11:54:17 -0700
  • Vicki Rosenthal, MSW
    commented 2024-05-11 09:43:36 -0700
    Immigration Injustice is an important matter to tackle. People are pushed to leave their land and families through environmental injustices, and discriminations towards LGBTQ+, religions, particular social groups and political opinions. A lot of news reports, thus many people, have negative and aggressive views toward people seeking asylum and refugees, not realizing that actions of US corporations and the US government have created much of the disparities that forced people to flee their homes, families, and businesses or once in the US, remain undocumented. In contrast, the news also reports on the shortage and need for workers in the US. We need more citizens, yet the hate / distrust / fear (lack of understanding) is insurmountable. Check out grassroots organizations like: Ohio Immigration Alliance (https://ohioimmigrant.org) Lynn Tramonte; National Immigrant Justice Center (https://immigrantjustice.org) Nayna Gupta; and Haitian Bridge Alliance (https://haitianbridgealliance.org) Guerline Jozef for in-depth individual efforts serving humans and their detailed reporting of those seeking refuge and US citizenship. (I am an independent art activist who appreciates and stays current with these organizations’ ongoing powerful work.)
  • Noah Waye
    commented 2024-05-10 13:26:38 -0700
    A film that documents some of the most glaring reasons why gun violence is so prevalent. The film would be based on two reports of gun violence facts. The first is the Giffords Annual Gun Law Scorecard that ranks states’ gun laws in relation to gun death rates. This report shows that the states with the most lenient gun laws have the highest rate of gun deaths per capita. The second report is the Brady List of Gun Dealers Linked to Large Numbers of Crime Guns. This report (based on the ATF Demand Letter 2 Program) names names of large profitable companies and gun shops that have repeatedly sold numerous weapons that have later been used in and recovered in crimes. This report also addresses the practice of numerous straw purchases of guns in states with lenient gun laws, which are next to states with strict gun laws, where the guns are then transported across the border and sold and later are used in crimes (such as guns that are purchased in northwest Indiana and then transported across the state line and re-sold in Chicago.)
  • Katerina Canyon
    commented 2024-05-10 09:39:27 -0700
    A documentary exploring the impact of military spending on communities. A series of documentaries that investigate how military spending affects communities across the United States. This could include exploring the economic, social, and environmental consequences of military investment, as well as highlighting alternative approaches to promoting peace and economic justice.
  • Phyllis Raynor
    commented 2024-05-10 09:17:01 -0700
    How about a BNF that addresses our food supply, organic farming benefits, etc.? So much of the US’s food supply is over-processed. Why is unhealthy food cheap while whole food is more costly? Why doesn’t the FDA and USDA work for the good of its consumers instead of getting into bed with corporate interests?
  • K.Lloyd Middleton
    commented 2024-05-10 08:36:47 -0700
    more movies about the wealth divide and the false narratives caused by the party system.
  • K.Lloyd Middleton
    commented 2024-05-10 08:32:13 -0700
  • James Reser
    commented 2024-05-10 03:39:19 -0700
  • Donald Lathrop
    commented 2024-05-09 20:59:07 -0700
    Perhaps you could make a film on removing hatred from one’s frame of reference as we each determine our positions in life.
  • Daryl Elliott
    commented 2024-05-09 20:47:48 -0700
    I’d like to see a film about worker cooperatives. Workplace democracy is an important concept to educate about as it is an excellent means to resist the global corporatization of all business. Worker co-ops give workers control of their workplace safety, their earnings, and their management. Worker co-ops have been shown to reduce absentee owners in businesses, which means the profits stay in the local communities to help with social services, and taxes for schools.

    If you’ve already covered this, please either cover it again from a different angle in a new, or extended film.

    Thank you Robert Greenwood, and team for your important, and stellar work. I’ll send donations when I can. Currently, I help by promoting BNF on Twitter, and occasionally on YouTube comments.
  • Doris Kelsey
    commented 2024-05-09 20:38:27 -0700
    Just a tiny slice of what is wrong with agriculture, but a huge topic- horse processing i.e. slaughter. What has happened in the equine industry since federal meat inspection stopped and the processing plants closed. And the bottom line- are the animals better off?
  • peach sullivan
    commented 2024-05-09 20:30:56 -0700
    soil, seas, plastic ~ include the work of people like zach bush (regenerative farming & soil life), the “need to grow” & “common ground” people (the bigger picture of similar subjects), decentralized governance initiatives that are working, Permaculture!!
  • Michael Essex
    commented 2024-05-09 19:50:33 -0700
    The prospect of a nuclear war that is made likely because of our collective inability to think clearly and rationally as a species. We are collectively in a confrontation that is wholly and artificially driven by ignorance; very incompetent people have acquired too much power and their ignorance makes it impossible for them to accurately assess most of the problems facing humanity. How can sane and competent people take back control to prevent the disaster we seem to be headed for.
  • Mario Golden
    commented 2024-05-09 18:21:01 -0700
    The impact of Long Covid on communities of poor people of color.
  • Diana Johnson
    commented 2024-05-09 16:52:40 -0700
    Please film some solutions to stop climate change.
  • Steven Berge
    commented 2024-05-09 16:27:57 -0700
    James Corbett already made a film about the central banking scam. Maybe you could do one and help more people see what’s really going on. As a former mega banker once said, “let me control the currency and I care not who makes the laws.” It’s no accident that most people and countries are deep in debt. Alliance for Just Money is trying to do something about it. Please expose this pox on humanity.
  • Maida Genser
    commented 2024-05-09 15:56:43 -0700
    Allowing pets in condos and other controlled housing, with reasonable pet guidelines. I created a 501 c-3 non-profit education and advocacy organization – Citizens for Pets in Condos, petsincondos.org.

    (This was when I was still living in Florida, where there is still a lot of resistance to having animal companions, in spite of all the known health benefits of living with pets. I now live in Chicago, but the organization still exists, currently run by a much-younger Daniel Finkelstein.
  • Elizabeth Lee
    commented 2024-05-09 15:39:44 -0700
  • Lesley L.
    commented 2024-05-09 15:26:18 -0700
    There’s an issue, which I only have known One organization to address & discuss; yet most of the Earth & World’s concerns come down to this topic which is largely ignored — human Overpopulation. Consider all the problems globally caused by humankind’s rampant & entitled breeding…
  • Elisabeth Solomon
    commented 2024-05-09 13:40:16 -0700
    Make a film about the horrors of nursing homes in the U.S. I’m writing a book about that, so let me know if you want factual supportive info.
  • Elisabeth Solomon
    commented 2024-05-09 13:36:04 -0700
  • Douglas Ross
    followed this page 2024-05-09 13:21:08 -0700