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This video shows how the life of a white person compares to the life of a black person

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In the wake of the Baltimore protests, Brave New Films has created a video which shows the experiences of a black and a white man going about their days side-by-side.

Using data from a University of Chicago study, it shows that even really controlled tested such as changing the name on a CV to a 'black-sounding' name can make a scarily big difference, making the applicant 50% less likely to get a call back.

The video also dramatises data showing that black people are on average charged $700 more when buying cars and are twice as likely to be pulled over by police.

Black clients are shown 17.7% fewer houses by estate agents, while a ACLU study found that black people are four times more likely to be arrested for smoking marijuana despite use of the drug among blacks and whites being equal.

Perhaps more worryingly still, the video draws attention to racial disparities in health care, with doctors being found in the US to not be informing black patients as often as white patients when they need an important heart procedure.

"If this isn't racism, what is? Racism isn't over," the video concludes.