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Following Their Lead: Youth in Action


Young people are still using their collective power to lead change-making movements. Our series – Following Their Lead: Youth in Action – spotlights youth-led advocacy groups across the country who are creating positive change on critical social and political issues.

Young people are experts on their lives and the change they want to see in the world; they also bear the consequences of today’s decision-making. Their voices are powerful and should be heard. The youth voice needs to be at the decision-making table for all issues. Their help is essential for an inclusive and responsive democracy.

Full Series Runtime: 1 hour, 11 seconds

1. Youth Rise Texas 4:02
2. Rise For Youth 3:45
3. Native Youth Alliance  5:23
4. Citizen University 4:32
5. Communities United 3:59
6. Padres y Jovenes 4:04
7. Youth Vs. Apocalypse 5:36
8. Moco Students for Change 5:08
9. Assata's Daughters 4:59
10. Sophrosyne Mental Health 3:37
11. Leaders Igniting Transformation 4:31
12. Teens Take Charge 3:56 
13. Reproductive Health Access Project  3:19
14. Mississippi Votes 4:20