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Like movies? Like changing the world? Ever thought of doing them both at the same time?

Brave New Films is boldly taking on issues of racial justice, income inequality, money in politics, and national security through groundbreaking films and social media campaigns that are revolutionizing activism. We are reaching millions through YouTube, bloggers, networking sites, and strategic partnerships on there ground – and we’re getting results.

Sound like what you want to be doing with your life? Join us.

Documentary Shorts Story Producer

Brave New Films (BNF) seeks an individual to provide wide-ranging camera, interviewing, and editing skills to create short documentary films from a progressive viewpoint on topical social justice and political issues.

This position will primarily involve working directly under the supervision of the Executive Producer, coordinating with him to do filming and interviewing. Strong editing skills are also a plus. This position requires excellent people skills, a high degree of technical competency, creative spark, problem solving, and attention to detail.


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