Communications Director

So you know how to handle press? And you’re up for being part of a progressive team of creatives and activists? Wonderful!

Requirements: Previous experience as a communications director or equivalent position. 

Here’s what we need:

  • Someone who comes in the door with a variety of press contacts and deep relationships that you will use to promote and expand distribution of BNF full length and short films.
  • Someone who is excited to help us expand into a variety of new markets, including media that caters to communities of color.
  • Someone who knows when it makes sense to do a human-interest story versus a press conference.
  • Someone who wants to talk a lot about issues of justice, inequality, and security! And who actually deeply cares about these same issues.
  • Someone who is a bit obsessed with the media industry and understands the direction the industry is headed. Seeing in the future is a huge plus!
  • Someone who is willing to go back to the drawing board or unwilling to quit when you encounter an obstacle whether internal or external.
  • Someone who understands a variety of media – television, radio, online, and more.
  • Someone who has the ability to translate campaign strategy into a compelling narrative to garner additional press.
  • Some who can talk, write, and pay attention to details! If you can do that in English and Spanish, that’s great, but not required. 
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