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Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America, and we want you to join us. Using new media and internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that informs the public, challenges corporate media with the truth, and motivates people to take action on social issues nationwide. We are an organization that can produce a hard-hitting three-minute video in less than 24 hours that exposes John McCain's double talk, for instance, and receive 9 million views around the world.

From Real McCain exposés to calling out FOX News for overt media bias, from social to economic justice, our groundbreaking online campaigns are revolutionizing traditional grassroots politics. Using YouTube, bloggers, networking sites, and strategic partnerships with both national networks and local activists, we are reaching millions and getting results.

You are critical to advancing these hard-hitting political campaigns. We can't create a nation of socially conscious activists alone.

Please consider supporting us with a donation to help us continue to create and distribute cutting-edge political campaigns that result in action and victories.


The REAL McCain

The REAL McCain campaign revealed the disturbing truth about John McCain's policies, his ignorance on economic matters and his hair trigger on going to war. Videos made a lasting impact on voters impression of John McCain.

• 17,000,000+ video views
• 150,000+ viewer comments
• 2,900+ doctors who signed an open letter asking for the release of McCain's medical records.

#1 Video YouTube


FOX Attacks!

The FOX Attacks campaign was a natural extension of our documentary Outfoxed. We shatter this myth and expose FOX News for what it is: right-wing propaganda.

• 10,500,000+ video views
• 84,000+ viewer comments
• 200,000+ signed a petition asking legitimate news organizations to reject FOX's racist smears of Obama.

#1 Video YouTube


Impeach Gonzales

The Impeach Gonzales campaign showed Alberto Gonzales' attempts to mislead Congress on what he knew about political firings of U.S. attorneys. Over 80,000 signatures in support of impeaching Gonzales were delivered to Congressional offices nationwide.

• 400,000+
video views
• 80,000+ petition signatures, delivered to Congressional offices nationwide.

#1 Video YouTube