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The Bail Trap: American Ransom

The money bail system is one of the main feeders of mass incarceration. Yet, few people know what the money bail system is, let alone how it all works or why we need to do away with it.

That’s why Brave New Films' has produced a new short film compilation about America’s broken bail system—The Bail Trap: American Ransom. This 20-minute two-part series includes Breaking Down Bail, unpacking the myths and history of bail, and Tai's Story, a documentary about a young woman and the $100,000 price-tag put on her freedom. 

The reality is that 70% of people in jail are there for one reason: living in poverty. Low-income Americans are sitting in jails for days, months, and even years simply because they can’t afford to pay high bail amounts. All the while, private companies are profiting in the billions each year.