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Thank You Abby Phillip, Yamiche Alcindor and April Ryan!

Dear Abby Phillip, Yamiche Alcindor and April Ryan,

Thank you for your commitment to honest reporting on the White House. In spite of the verbal abuse and attempts to silence you, you persisted and asked the Trump administration tough questions to hold them accountable.

You confronted Trump on the Mueller investigation, voter suppression in the midterm elections, and challenged his divisive rhetoric and close ties to white nationalism. 

We admire your grit in the face of dismissive and demeaning language, and we appreciate your dedication to keeping the American public informed. 

In solidarity, 

Your Supporters 


  • Suzanne Jones
    commented 2018-11-18 13:50:46 -0800
    Thank you SO very much for making a difference!!
  • Betty Threlkeld
    commented 2018-11-18 13:45:08 -0800
  • Bernadette Dvorscak
    commented 2018-11-18 13:13:28 -0800
    Thank you for your commitment to telling the true story.
  • Stephen Smith
    commented 2018-11-18 13:04:53 -0800
  • Howard Masur
    commented 2018-11-18 12:57:01 -0800
  • Toni Janus
    commented 2018-11-18 12:38:13 -0800
    Thank you for your integrity, your dedication and your composure in holding the Trump administration accountable.
  • Arlene Davis
    commented 2018-11-18 12:00:50 -0800
  • Sue Brower
    commented 2018-11-18 11:12:45 -0800
    Thank you for showing grace and intelligence in the face of such moronic racism.
  • Dita Katz
    commented 2018-11-18 10:57:00 -0800
    I admire your tenacity, courage and Diligent dedication. BRAVO!
  • Michael Cormany
    commented 2018-11-18 10:51:30 -0800
    Thank you!! Keep reporting what must be reported. We’ve got your back!
  • Paul Dell
    commented 2018-11-18 10:28:22 -0800
    Stand tall and proud. You are all doing a great service to all Americans, and to the world in standing firm on your responsibility as a journalist.
  • Diane Adamski
    commented 2018-11-18 10:05:31 -0800
    I am thankful everyday for reporters like you.
  • Lissa Buzzelli
    commented 2018-11-18 09:01:21 -0800
  • Joanne Crawford
    commented 2018-11-18 08:52:53 -0800
    I don’t know how you do it. Thank you for all of the hard work and great investigative journalism that you do. Keep up the great work! Just know that we all are disgusted daily by the racist, sexist piece of trash in the WH
  • Joann Bachelder
    commented 2018-11-18 08:49:12 -0800
  • Tracey Repa
    commented 2018-11-18 08:48:44 -0800
    When I think of what defines a life I contemplate these words in Andrea Gibson’s poem:

    When two violins are placed in a room

    If a chord on one violin is struck,

    The other violin will sound the note

    If this is your definition of hope,

    This is for you.

    For the courage it takes to be the instrument of change is not an easy path…but you bring me to hope on the days when I feel I can never do enough to bring this world to a better place. You strike the cord and we all respond. Thank you, life is never easy—- but hope brings us together. You bring us together.
  • Aliya Jones
    commented 2018-11-18 08:39:27 -0800
  • Joan Theiss
    commented 2018-11-18 08:37:26 -0800
  • Mary Jane
    commented 2018-11-18 08:27:55 -0800
  • Lee and Carol Haggas
    commented 2018-11-18 08:08:30 -0800
  • Bruce Pfaff Pfaff
    commented 2018-11-18 07:48:59 -0800
    Thank you for your hard work and patience in the face of intolerance and rudeness.
  • LaVern Olberding
    commented 2018-11-18 07:36:21 -0800
  • Mary Fleming
    commented 2018-11-18 07:27:50 -0800
    April, Yamiche and Abby,

    Thank you for standing strong! We support you, we believe you, we admire you. Thank you for never giving up in the fight for the truth. Your job is so important…especially in these times where claims of fake news are rampant. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Ann Tobin
    commented 2018-11-18 07:21:31 -0800
    So many people out here are behind you and lift you up! Thank you for your courage in the face of power gone mad, and for your persistence and perseverance! Sending you ❤️!
  • Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick
    commented 2018-11-18 07:19:22 -0800
  • Elizabeth Kelly
    commented 2018-11-18 06:57:33 -0800
    Dear Abby, Yamiche, and April,

    Thank you for the bravery you show every day is doing your job, and reporting the truth about Trump. The anger he directs at you shows his weakness. He can’t stand being around anyone who is smarter than him, so he is angry most of the time. Hopefully in 2 years (or sooner) we will have a President in the White House who will deserve our respect, and who will respect people. Please hang in there until then!
  • Teresa Kunkel
    commented 2018-11-18 06:44:58 -0800
  • Anne Martin Phelan
    commented 2018-11-18 06:41:38 -0800
  • Trish Conlon
    commented 2018-11-18 06:37:42 -0800
    Thank you for standing strong and helping make sure our country doesn’t fall even deeper into a Nazi-ish regime. You are appreciated and your work is more important now than ever.
  • Carol Alfus
    commented 2018-11-18 06:35:22 -0800
    Thank you, Abby Phillip, Yamiche Alcindor and April Ryan for your hard questions and honest reporting in the face of the insulting, dismissive treatment of Trump and his administration. Your determination and persistence are much appreciated.