Bernie Sanders and Harry Reid screen new film, "The Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014" - Watch it free - Brave New Films
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Bernie Sanders and Harry Reid screen new film, "The Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014" - Watch it free

By HoundDog at Daily Kos

Bridget Bowman of Roll Call reports a controversial "screening, press conference, or meeting" - it became unclear exactly what it was after a G.O.P. rules challenge  - last night, in the Capital Visitors Center Center of  'Koch Brothers Exposed’ Film Premieres, but Democrats Take No Questions. The Republicans accused Democrats of impropriety, and the Democrats basically said. ... well why don't you read about it ... you will get a chuckle I think.  

“The Koch brothers’ tentacles have sunken deep into our democracy and deep into the Republican Party,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told the few dozen interested people and reporters in attendance. “That’s evident by the fact they even tried to stop us from having this meeting.”

Republicans accused Democrats of violating the rules about film premiers on Capital grogugd, but Democrats responded that the rules did not apply to the room in the CVC and that, anyway, the event wasn't a "screening," but rather was a press conference. A press release describing the event called it a screening but that apparently was  misprint. (snark alert.)  And, although the press release advertised a "Q and A with Pelosi and Reid" neither took questions after their speeches.

Ah, it must be nice to be the Senate Majority Leader. The Report did not indicate where Senate Majority Reid told Republican they could send their complaints. I can only image there must be a special place. (Humor alert. Just as he discovered the CVC was "special room." That ones of the reasons Reid is the Majority Leader as he is very clever about rules. Senator Sanders didn't take questions either but CQ Roll Call did ask him questions as he was leaving.

“I didn’t make that decision but I think it’s important that we do hold it,” the Vermont Independent said.  “We’re dealing with campaign finance reform.  And if you’re interested in education, climate change, health care, any other major issue facing this country, you have got to be concerned about campaign finance reform.”

The film itself highlights the Koch brothers’ influence on the political process and incorporates ominous music and a narrator with a Southern drawl.  It updates Greenwald’s 2012 Koch brothers film and focuses on their role in the Citizens United decision and their opposition to raising the minimum wage.  Roughly half of the 2014 edition includes new content, including interviews with Reid, who has launched a crusade against the Kochs in Congress.

At the event last night at the Capital Visitor center two clips from the film were shown providing "an overview of the Kochs’ political donations and the story of Erica Jackson, a minimum wage worker, who called the Kochs’ opposition to a federal rate increase ridiculous.”

For a limited tine, Brave New Films is streaming the film for free online. You are invited to make a donation, however for a limited time you may watch the film for free. This video is on Youtube now and possible to embed, however, considering Robert Greenwalds generosity in making this video freely available the day after its premier the least we can do is go to his site to watch it and please consider making even just a small donation.

Even a small donation such as $5.00 will mean a great deal symbolically to all of the dedicated progressive video artist, researchers, video producers, distributors and others who have worked so hard to maker this possible. As someone who works as a volunteer I can attest to how greatly appreciated the acknowledgement of you tips, recs, and comments, are by me and other emerging writers are here. So please follow the link to their site and enjoy this fine educational expose.