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Justice Shorts

Our nation continues to seriously struggle with racial and criminal injustice. We see it on the news everyday. And far too many Americans experience the daily devastating effects of individual and systematic racism and classism. 

Our nation can’t thrive when it’s locking up more people than any other country in the world. Harsh sentences for non-violent offenses are breaking up families and taking away people’s basic rights. And this disproportionately affects poor people and communities of color, which makes racism and classism worse.

But it goes far beyond mass incarceration. Our government and  media continue to perpetuate racism and classism through policing, the court system,  federal and state policies, and biased reporting. 

Brave New Films works with local and national racial and criminal justice organizations to reform the laws , agencies, and industries that are denying American citizens their basic rights and to hold media accountable for fueling this racist and classist society.