Immigrant Prisons Series

The United States has the biggest immigrant prison system in the world, yet most Americans are unaware of the conditions found in immigrant prisons, and the mistreatment many detained immigrants endure. Brave New Films has hand-selected four short films for this series to change that.

With the current surge of anti-immigrant rhetoric, stock in the immigrant prison industry is skyrocketing and more ICE agents are being hired to patrol communities and lock up immigrants. This means more people are being detained every day and forced to live for days, weeks, and even months at a time in unsustainable conditions, all while giant corporations turn a profit. With the newest development of separating families at the border in 2018, this horrific situation seems to only be getting worse. 

Watch our videos Immigrant PrisonsImmigrants for Sale, No More Detention: Free Pastor Noe, and Trauma at the Border to learn more about the immigrant prison industry and how it profits off the detention and suffering of people.

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Total Runtime – 56 minutes, 32 seconds.

1. Immigrant Prisons 14:26
2. Immigrants For Sale 33:10
3. No More Detention: Free Pastor Noe  4:20
4. Trauma at the Border 4:36