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National Security Forum

An exclusive BNF Forum on National Security where experts, journalists, and historians explore surveillance and US foreign policy.

Brave New Films Presents: The Henry A. Wallace National Security Forum moderated by Sonali Kolhatkar, host and executive producer of KPFK-FM's Uprising Radio. In this forum we speak with career journalists, historians, scholars, and bestselling authors to get alternative perspectives on foreign policy and national security issues. Watch each episode and listen to the experts cover a range of topics from the origins of American imperialism to the current surveillance state.

Each episode of Q&A will help you gain a better understanding of the US approach towards national security and foreign policy not normally portrayed in mainstream media. Sonali and the experts unpack and get to the core of US foreign policy, privatized security, the occupied perspective abroad, and examine America's calculated and destructive affinity towards war. The fate of country, and of all civilians, in the face of these pressing issues depends on us demanding better solutions. That's why we've put together this forum, in partnership with The Wallace Action Fund, to provide a broad scope of knowledge that can help guide and bridge much needed discussion.  

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Total Runtime- 1 hours 48 minutes 14 seconds  

1. Glenn Greenwald on Surveillance 10:10
Linda Bilmes on the True Cost of War 10:25
Noam Choamsky on American Empire 9:51
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on Domestic Imperialism 9:34
How the US helped create ISIS & Taliban 10:34
When US Corporations Spy on Citizens 10:38
How did the NSA get so powerful? 10:17
How many countries has the US invaded? 9:53
The hidden cost of US Wars 9:55
How has the CIA been used as a secret Military force? 9:54
Do our security policies actually keep us safe? 9:43