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New Film Chronicles Civilian Slaughter In Afghanistan

Civilians continue to be killed by American and coalition forces as the war in Afghanistan stretches into its eighth year with no end in sight. The civilian casualties have gone from the realm of tragedy and have now become frequent enough to turn the population against the United States in a war President Obama and congressional Democrats have escalated over the last several months.

Earlier this month, Dr. Roshnak Wardak, an Afghani member of parliament who has lived in both countries,told the Huffington Postthat the attacks inside Afghanistan have been devastating to U.S. credibility.

“We became tired from these attacks. Every day there is discussion in the parliament,” she said. “I’m against this kind of operation, very much against.”

The bombings are costing the United States the support of the civilian population, said Wardak, an independent not affiliated with a party who described herself as a moderate. “Every time this bombardment happens by drone, tomorrow we discuss this matter in the parliament. And I’m so sorry that when we discuss this matter, American country and their leadership, their soldiers, they are losing their popularity among the M.P.s and also among, especially, the people. Very much they are losing their popularity,” she said.

A new short film, to be released Thursday by Brave New Films and provided to the Huffington Post, interviews victims of those bombings. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with another $100 billion, over the objections of an antiwar faction of Democrats.

Be warned. It’s not pretty.