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Post Draws International Attention to Manteca Homeless Policies

by Kay Recede for Fox 40: 

New laws for Manteca’s homeless population has gone viral and is putting the pressure on the city’s administration.

A Facebook post went live recently, and has drawn attention from people from as far as Canada — criticizing the city’s new law banning homeless encampments within the city. A plea on social media garners thousands of likes. Translate that into calls and criticism towards the City of Manteca and its laws on homelessness.

“Since I’ve been here, it’s been constant talk of ‘No sleeping here, no sleeping here,’” Jason Faustini, a man passing through Manteca said.

He and other men FOX40 spoke with explained they feel like police officers are targeting people like them.

“People have needs out here. We’re homeless and less fortunate. They need to do something besides writing citations and bringing us to jail,” Mario Acosta, who is homeless said.

City Council recently passed a new law banning makeshift shelters from popping up within city limits public and private property included.

“Don’t prosecute me for being homeless, it’s not a crime. My only crime is I’m not paying taxes and I agree with that,” Acosta explained.

Brave New Films: Justice Facebook post criticizes the new law stating quote this is the wrong way to deal with poverty. “We need some help with some kind of center, job information, health information.”

City officials have told FOX40 in the past, making the city too comfortable for the homeless may attract more people to the area, something they’re trying to avoid.

“That’s not going to work because we’re going to come back,” Acosta said.

While the Facebook post on Manteca continues to make the rounds on the internet, Acosta says the city isn’t alone.

“Homelessness is not just targeted to Manteca, it’s worldwide,” Acosta said. And his friends are hoping it brings more awareness to the issue.

The new law goes into effect Dec. 4.