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LETTER: Watch film, join fight against Kochs

Jerry Ryberg for the Galesburg Register

Editor, Register-Mail: Our screening of Brave New Films’ “Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition” Tuesday evening upstairs at the Galesburg Public Library, drew 21 people. That was more than I expected. I’m sure that none of them knew the full extent of how and how fast Charles and David Koch are taking us to a complete oligarchy. “Gasps of dismay” were heard during the screening.

We’ll show “KBE” again, July 1 at the Courthouse in Monmouth, 7 p.m. Afterwards, we’ll talk about WHAT WE CAN DO about this, as we did Tuesday.

Meanwhile, The Center for Public Integrity posted an article, “Outside Money Pouring Into Governors’ Races.” Governorships in 36 states, including ours, will be decided Nov. 4. Once again, it’s the money of the very rich, against the money of the middle class and the poor. Oh, we have our wealthy contributors too, just not as many. And ours are not taking us into oligarchy, but trying to save us from it.

Because if Republicans take more governorships, and they take the Senate, and they keep the House, we, who are not rich, Democrats and Republicans, are in for a very bad future. Especially our children.This is why the national organization Wolf PAC is at work to bring a Constitutional Convention of states, via Article V of the Constitution. It will bypass this unresponsive, BOUGHT Congress, and get the big money out of politics. There are many safeguards to avoid a “runaway” convention, including a final popular vote.

Here’s another headline from The Center for Public Integrity: “Judge Who Stopped Wisconsin Campaign Finance Probe Tied to Koch-Funded Junkets.”

And if you can, look at this website: http://tinyurl.com/konvjad. It’s a graphic of the Kochs’ “dark money” network. It’s “quite impressive.” — Jerry Ryberg, Galesburg