Sean O'Brien - Brave New Films
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Sean O'Brien


Sean O'Brien is an advocate for social justice with a lifelong commitment to effecting change through the arts. Originally from the New Orleans area, his work is shaped by the multi-cultural influence of growing up as a first-generation Nicaraguan American in Southern Louisiana. He studied theatre at Boston University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. After graduating, he worked in the New Orleans film industry, which ultimately led him to Los Angeles. At Brave New Films, he found the perfect platform to combine his passion for storytelling and his desire to effect progressive change. Outside of his professional endeavors, Sean is deeply involved in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in his community, actively supporting local organizations like the Sweat Equity Alliance, ESMOA, and Black in Mayberry. He also organized and served as Treasurer for a grassroots campaign for City Council. An outspoken advocate for social progress, he has spoken at several city council meetings, demanding meaningful and lasting change for his community.